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  Taran 07:55 22 Feb 2008

Hi all.

I've been too long away from this site and normally spend my time answering questions and not asking them, however:

Having returned from a stint of some time overseas I am looking to rationalise a number of standalone sites and other sites held on two different reseller accounts into one area for ease of management and would appreciate recommendations based on experience for Windows reseller accounts, VPS or managed servers.

Cost is not so much of an issue as reliable service.

I need flexibility in running dynamic sites in PHP, ASP and .NET (ASPX) with MySQL and MSSQL databases.

The highest unique visitor count for any one site that I want to include in this project is only around 12,000 per month, and the others all come way under that, so none of the sites require vast disk space or masses of bandwidth - resource use will be relatively low.

The American and Canadian hosting companies I've been using for the last few years have been great and I may just leave everything over there, but I rather prefer the idea of UK hosting now that I am back in the country, so...

The key here really is the ability to use either MySQL or MSSQL databases with either PHP or ASP/.NET for content managed and similar dynamic data-driven web applications.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



  Forum Editor 09:52 22 Feb 2008

good to see you here again.

I currently have my reseller account with HeartInternet click here and can confidently recommend them. As you will know, I've tried many hosting companies over the years, and Heart beats them all hands down - I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.

Customer service is excellent, and on the rare occasions I've need help they have responded within the hour, 7 days a week.

  Forum Editor 09:58 22 Feb 2008

I've just noticed that you need a Windows account - Heart uses Redhat Enterprise Linux.

  mco 10:00 22 Feb 2008

I can't help sorry - just wanted to say welcome back!

  Taran 10:07 22 Feb 2008

Thanks FE and mco - it's good to be back ;o)

Heart would probably have been my first choice if I only needed PHP/MySQL multiple hosting but sadly, I also need support for the dark arts of ASP/.NET and MSSQL databases.

To be continued...

  Forum Editor 10:36 22 Feb 2008

which enables you to use Microsoft's ASP programming language on Linux, but I can see your need for MSSQL.

  CodeMeister 10:49 22 Feb 2008

Hi Taran,

Heart are great for PHP/MySQL, but try EHosting for ASP.Net/MSSQL Server. Their support response times are amazing.

  Taran 11:36 22 Feb 2008

EHosting looks very interesting.

I may actually end up by doing a two-way split and use a Heart reseller account for the PHP/MySQL sites and an EHosting reseller account purely for the ASP/.NET/MS SQL sites.

Funny thing is, I have something like this in place already based in Canada and North America. Given the global nature of the web, it's a little curious and probably slightly irrational of me to want to move the existing arrangement to a counterpart system in the UK, now that I'm back here.

Ho hum...

  Forum Editor 22:31 22 Feb 2008

in the same set of circumstances.

Irrationality is surely one of the characteristics which define humanity.

  computerboy1000 18:18 25 Feb 2008

click here they are giving away free windows servers to 100 people for a year

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