Recommended photo printers

  technique 20:34 24 Jul 2004

What do people this are the best photo printers? I want to be able to print various sizes, best quality, best running costs, easiest to use. I want to either be able to insert the memory card (smart) or connect the camera direct either via docking station or using USB lead.

I've checked the review section of this site but it doesn't give a 'best' category like the magazine does (unless I can't see the link).

Some of the newer ones advertised look good, i.e. the new Canon. But I don't want someone who's paid by the company to say it's great I'd rather the users tell me.


  jonnytub 20:39 24 Jul 2004

there is no link but a vertical picture next 2 the top two printers saying "best buy"

  technique 20:48 24 Jul 2004

There is a best buy link, but there's no section for Photo Priters only? I can only see review links for Colour Inkjets, Mono lasers, Multifunctionals and Flatbed scanners.

  jonnytub 20:51 24 Jul 2004

sorry you are right, but as for colour inkjets, those are photo printers.
Regards jonny

  jonnytub 20:52 24 Jul 2004

or do you mean dedicated photo printer such as those whereby a camera is docked onto it?

  technique 20:58 24 Jul 2004

dedicated or multifunctional - not bothered really. It's just the write-ups for the standard colours don't often give details about their photo printing facilities. I'd prefer a dedicated photo printer as I've already got a cheap deskjet which does me fine.

  ZZET 00:46 25 Jul 2004

Have a Canon i865 and it's one of the best inkjet printers i have had.It also prints on cd/etc directly.
Try Dabs for a good price

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:31 25 Jul 2004

Epson R300....6 colour cartridge inks.....12 for £30 from Choice (compatibles)...machine around £110....memory card reader...CD/DVD printing...some of the best printing software I have ever reproduction of photos of any machine that I have used....have been a professional photographer for over 25 years so I speak from experience.


  Falkyrn 10:42 25 Jul 2004

I would have to agree with Gandalf the Epson R300 is the first printer which has made me switch from HP printers.

  Dorsai 10:55 25 Jul 2004

I don't have a Epsom R200, but it is reviewed in this months mag, and gets a good write up.

I do have it's smaller brother the Epsom C84 and this does give excellent output, especially on the Epsom photo paper, so i can only assume that the R200 does better, as it has 5 colour inks, to the C84's 3 inks.

Gangalf's recommendation, coming as it does from a professional photographer of over 25 years, has to carry lots of weight. If it can keep a professional happy, it must be good.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:32 25 Jul 2004

IIRC the only difference between the R200 & 300 is that the 300 has a memory card reader. You can buy an LCD for viewing the prints on the card although a camera does the job just as well.

The Epson software is superb and saves all the hassle of resizing...choose the prints you want, select how many copies off each and choose the size, hit print, go have a coffee and on your return will be a stack of different prints. The colour printing is not the fastest that I have seen but I'm talking an extra 45 seconds to print an A4.

The compatible inks from click here seem a slightly warmer but again you would have to be a camera club member to notice the difference and as most people seem to prefer warm prints........

I've used Epson and Kodak paper in the machine and really there is little difference in quality. If one had to be picky the Kodak is slightly warmer but you really would not notice this unless you had 2 prints side-by-side or a gaggle of camera club members.

Using a Nikon D100, A4 full-size prints are as good as an prints from a Bronica film camera.


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