Recommended Modem

  rupie 21:25 27 Jul 2009

I need some recommendations on a new modem for my Broadband, I want just a modem as where the socket comes out of the wall I do not want to put a large router. Do not ask me why I do not extend the socket !!!.
I have a linksys WRT546GS wireless router that works fine and did buy a Linksys AM200 modem, unfortunatly I did not know they are incompatible with each other, Do not go there either.
So what would be a good economical unit to buy ? My broadband is 512kb

  rdave13 23:37 27 Jul 2009

I think a modem/router is best(a single unit). No need for a separate modem unit and separate router unit.

  rupie 09:22 28 Jul 2009

Thats not what I asked is it. Thanks

  tullie 18:03 28 Jul 2009

I havent used a modem for years,is their a size difference beteen a modem and a router?

  rdave13 20:02 28 Jul 2009

Possibly ask Linksys support; click here
Apologise for not answering your question correctly. Won't do it again.

  Tech Guy 21:18 28 Jul 2009

Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength - Eric Hoffer


There is a size difference, but if you can hide a modem then you can hide a router. But I surpose if you have several wired machines then you have the cables to hide too :(

  tullie 22:32 28 Jul 2009

Ticked so i suppose its resolved??

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