recommended laptop for teens - basic gaming, internet and teen stuff

  alexiag 13:36 30 Nov 2011

Hello all. I see that this question has been asked before but I don't see a straightforward answer. Perhaps there isn't one! I am looking to buy x 2 (two sons) laptops @ around 4-500 pounds each which my boys will be able to use for all of the above. At the moment they are playing WOW and minecraft, but I guess they will evolve. Or not. Can somebody advise me on what I should be looking for - I have trawled the internet and am having difficulty in not being up-sold ie corei5 to i7 ... basically I want a dell/asus/HP that does the job and don't really need all the bells and whistles. It wld be lovely to have beats speakers and 640GB hard drive BUT is it really necessary? Kids are 12 & 14. BIG THANKS to anyone who feels generous enough to answer without telling me to buy alienware :)

  wiz-king 13:56 30 Nov 2011

Buy something fairly basic. (It will never up to date or big enough!)

Check they are covered on the house insurance.

Buy a couple of external hard drive - bribe the boys to do backups every week.

Keep all software disks in a safe place - supply a large biscuit tin with each computer.

Keep a note of all machine serial numbers and any sticker key numbers.

Before you give them the machines make sure the each have a good anti-virus and firewall set up to automatically update.

  alexiag 14:02 30 Nov 2011

HOW IS THIS - Its an ASUS Intel Core i5-2430M 2,4 GHz Windows® 7 Edition Familiale Premium 64 bit RAM 4 Go DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT520MX 1 Go dedicated screen 1366 x 768 pixels 15,6" 16:9 HD back lighting LED Disque dur 640 Go SATA, 5400 rpm

  difarn 17:10 30 Nov 2011


I would seriously consider not buying laptops for gaming use as they are very expensive to repair, or sometimes impossible, should anything happen with graphics cards which are an integral part of the motherboard. Desktops can be modified and upgraded much more easily and more economically. Nothing wrong with a laptop for general use. Also they will probably want a larger screen for their gaming which means buying separate monitors and this in itself can have a detrimental effect on the laptop after prolonged use (I say this from experience). Laptops are much more fragile than a desktop - drop something on the keyboard of a laptop and it is an expensive item to replace.

  ICF 18:42 30 Nov 2011
  alexiag 18:48 30 Nov 2011

Thanks very much. I agreee that a desktop is more value for money, easier to repair or add on etc but I am divorced the kids change house so it makes more sense to buy a laptop. @ICF, thanks - I have looked at that site but wasn't convinced by Lenova or Acer, the only ones in my price range.

  difarn 19:03 30 Nov 2011

Hi - of course, I fully understand. The Asus i5 you mentioned is one that the computer shop that built my desktop recommended for serious gaming if this is of any help.

  ICF 19:08 30 Nov 2011

What's your definition of basic gaming?

  ICF 19:37 30 Nov 2011

How about the Dell Inspiron 15R Review

  alexiag 20:25 30 Nov 2011

Hi again. I am so grateful for your time! Basic gaming I guess is my way of saying that I am not happy to spend that much money on another screen for them to play with when they allready have loads of other consoles bought expressly for games - the laptop should function first as a pc and thereafter they should be able to play their computer games without being hugely frustrated by poor graphics or low speed - but they can buy their own 'gaming' computers one day :)

  alexiag 20:29 30 Nov 2011

@ ICF, thanks - I looked at this pc, and now I quickly looked at yr link - what worried me was 'Without dedicated graphics, the Inspiron struggles to run modern games.' What do you think?

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