Recommended games

  [email protected]® 18:58 14 May 2004

I am not really a gamer but can someone recommend some good ones. I need simple ones!! Shooting or car driving, something like that. Thanks.

  rubella 19:06 14 May 2004

MaxPayne 2. Superb shooter, but sadly a tad too short.

  Dan the Confused 19:08 14 May 2004

Demonstar is my fave shareware shoot-em-up of all time click here

  gudgulf 19:28 14 May 2004

Farcry----but only if you have an fairly powerful pc.Fantastic graphics and good to play but difficult in places.

  exhumed 19:39 14 May 2004

Serious Sam 1 and 2 excellent online play,Painkiller all three shooters.Try demos first

  ted bear 19:56 14 May 2004

im also not much of a "gamer" but can thoroughly recommend max paine 2/mohaa/and morrowind which is not a shooter but is very good but unfortunately needs a couple of hours to get "into". i also have a simple tetris game that i use whilst killing time when downloading files.

  grey george 20:05 14 May 2004

See if you can get a old copy of Half Life should be pretty cheap by now. This was one of best FPS computer games ever. Good story and lots of tous to play with. It should run easily on any modern machine.

  ThePharcyde007 20:16 14 May 2004

Farcry FPS, NFS Underground Driving!"

  Totally-braindead 21:41 14 May 2004

Need For Speed Underground really fantastic, Far Cry brilliant but need mega PC especially in the graphics department. Also love Star Trek Elite Force 1 and 2, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. But look at the specifications they need before you buy them.On budget you can get a lot of great games Colin McRae Rally 1 and 2 are among my favourites.

  citadel 21:43 14 May 2004

grand theft auto vice city, shooting and driving with music on the car radio.

  Russ100 22:19 14 May 2004

Unreal Tournament (shooter)- an oldy but a goody. Doesn't need a top spec PC to run.

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