Recommendations for a WiFi CCTV please?

  stlucia2 21:50 07 Sep 2018

I'm looking to buy a basic CCTV camera that will connect to my Android phone via my WiFi router/modem. I've looked at several models on web sites, but find many of the ads are confusing or lacking in detail.

What I'm looking for is a mains-powered but otherwise independent stand-alone camera, which records on its own SD card, and which can be accessed from my Android phone (using, presumably, the camera manufacturer's app) via my home WiFi to view pictures in real time or from the SD card recording while I'm away from hom. Many I see in the ads look okay until I read that they require some kind of specific hub, and/or a monthly subscription to save the images on the manufacturer's server.

Can anyone suggest, preferably from personal experience, what makes and models are working for them please?

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