Recommendations for new DESKTOP

  compumac 15:27 16 Nov 2013

Looks as if my well used Medion Akoya 3Ghz has finally given up the ghost after a number of years of use and I am having to use my laptop. I would rather much use a desktop than a laptop for everyday use.

Looking at Amazon for inspiration I notice that there are a lot of Windows 7 PC's despite the introduction of Win8. Does that indicate the preference of the initiated?

I do not do gaming merely e-mails and general surfing.

Any recommendations?

I might still be able to resurrect the Akoya though.

  retep888™ 17:26 16 Nov 2013

You didn't mention your budget but judging from from your need/usage Win7 desktop will be best for you, have a look at sites below:



  compumac 17:34 16 Nov 2013

I do not have a budget. I look for what I would like and then look into the financial aspect afterwards.

I am looking for a PC that I could install an extra sata drive or two.

I pose the question of Win 7 against Win 8 after hearing a FEW negative views on Win 8.

  martd7 17:39 16 Nov 2013

This looks a good general pc for the money on ebuyer

click here retep888 says your not mentioning your budget


  northumbria61 17:50 16 Nov 2013

compumac - I do not have a budget. I look for what I would like and then look into the financial aspect afterwards.

I just love your comment - that is me to a "T" - I see it, I like it, I get it!

  compumac 22:40 16 Nov 2013

The Medion would just not start up at all.

THEN I found that the start button on the front of the unit was actually two separate components with the actual switching function part of the switch being sandwiched between the outer casing and an inner casing, difficult to see this without removing front casing and removing one of the internal drives. The actual switching part had dropped out of its location slot and therefore was not making the physical contact needed with the outer part.

Put the switch back into its location and ............................... simple ....................nuff said.

Just saved myself £xxx.00

  compumac 08:56 17 Nov 2013


With switch now conjoined and working - no need for new PC. Problem of Win7 or Win 8 avoided (at least for the present).

If you have a Medion switch problem have a look at the switch from the outside of the casing and also from the inside. If I had done that it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

When this first occurred I checked that the mains cable was OK but with no indicator light being displayed I imagined that it was something serious -Power box or motherboard. The neon light that displayed when switched on was on the part of the switch that had fallen down between the inner and outer casing and could not be seen even though in actual fact it was illuminated.

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