Recommendations Ext. DVD-writer & Ext. HD

  GroupFC 15:34 29 Dec 2004

I have posted this in ConsumerWatch – but have not had much response! I thought therefore that I would try here, as each forum seems to attract different contributors (I myself rarely visit the consumerWatch forum!) and I might get more replies.

I need some advice - Santa didn't bring what I wanted so I'm going to have to treat myself!

I want to get an external DVD-writer and an external HD (firewire and/or USB 2.0). I have been looking on as many sites as I can find but I just end up very confused (no change there then!!) - so I thought I would seek advice here!

Does anybody have any advice and/or recommendations for me for a total budget of £200- £250?

Whilst your at it, "she who must be obeyed" was also not very happy with Santa (there must be a moral there somewhere!). Does anybody have any comments or advice for a DVD recorder/VCR combi as I expect that if I get what I want she will have to, too!

As usual, all advice and comments will be very much appreciated. TIA

  GroupFC 17:07 29 Dec 2004


  Roadgiant 18:43 29 Dec 2004

I have been using a Lite-on SOHW832SX for about the last 3 months and am very pleased with it so far, cost around about £80. I must admit I am considering an external HD myself in the near future, prices seem to start around £65 for 40GB, which still leaves you around £100 towards a DVD recorder/VCR combi for "she who must be obeyed"!

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