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  Dumfy 23:44 26 Aug 2003

Hi everyone,

Looks like I?ll be doing another upgrade soon?I really should go into business!!

This time it?s a bit more straightforward, but do need some advice as it?s an area I?m not 100% familiar with.

A friend has asked me to install a DVD writer so that she can transfer movies off her digi-cam and play them both on the PC and home DVD player (a Pioneer model) and also DVD players of other family members. I?ve suggested that a writer should be installed that will do both DVD + and ? R/RW to cover all options (apart from DVD Ram). The two models that spring to mind are:

Pioneer DVR A06

Does anybody have experience of these and have any other suggestions or ideas? Pinnacle software is being used for all the video editing stuff and rendering so is this good enough for the DVD writing or would I be better off suggesting something like Roxio?s software?

Many thanks


  [DELETED] 06:19 27 Aug 2003

No personal experience. But if it's between the two:

In terms of writing speeds for DVDs, the only difference between the 2 models is for DVD+RW, the Pioneer rewrites at 2.4x, and the Sony at 4x.

For CD writing, the Pioneer for CDR and CDRW is 16x/10x, while the Sony is 24x/16x.

The Sony has higher specs.

I read a review in a magazine (in Chinese I'm afraid) last week which covers all the current dual DVD writers. According to that report, at the same writing speed, the Pioneer writes faster than the Sony (but of course the Sony will still be faster writing a DVD+RW at 4x than the Pioneer at 2.4x).

But more significantly, perhaps, the DVDs (both + and -) written by the Pioneer has better compatibility with home DVD players than the Sony.

A review of the Pioneer on CDRinfo click here does confirm that the DVD videos written by the Pioneer do have good compatibility. That review also shows that at the same writing speeds, the Pioneer is faster than the Sony's predecessor (not the current Sony model).

This review click here shows the Pioneer writing movies faster than the Sony, but much slower than the Sony in writing and reading data.

click here for users' views

These reviews are not always reliable, and sometimes they conflict, but overall, it seems the Pioneer may have a slight edge in burning movies (if that's the main use), if your friend doesn't mind having to burn DVD+RW at 2.4x only.

  Dumfy 09:40 27 Aug 2003

That's more info than I could I have hoped for. Excellent. Thanks for the help.


  [DELETED] 12:56 27 Aug 2003

I'm not so hot on the technical stuff, but just to reassure you I use Pinnacle DV (an older version than the current ones) to download, edit, and render my movies into the appropriate MPEG format for recording. I then use Sonic MyDVD (which came with my Sony DVD burner) to burn the DVD. I then play the DVDs on my TV through a Panasonic standalone DVD player. All with no hassle, except that rendering takes about 20 hours per hour of finished MPEG2 file with my Athlon 600Mhz processor (downloading and editing, of course, take place in real time).

I've read elsewhere in this forum of problems when people try to use Pinnacle (or other movie editing software) to do the burning as well: It seems to be best to rely on a dedicated burning software for that part. So far as burning speed is concerned, with 20 hours for the rendering I'm not too fussed if it takes 30 or 60 minutes to burn a DVD!

  [DELETED] 13:22 27 Aug 2003

-R is on the decline by the look of things, even more so now +R media is starting to become cheaper than -R media. So dont discount LiteOn LDW-401S, the retail box is only £113, it writes DVD+R at 4x, DVD+RW at 4X and it writes CD-R at 40x and CD-RW at 24x.

click here

BTW i have a + only drive and i have yet to find a device the discs will not play on (thats not to say there isnt any), they even worked on a 5 year old Pioneer PC DVD drive

  [DELETED] 13:37 27 Aug 2003

click here for the above Lite-On drive at a cheaper price. Also the specification works here.


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