Recommendations for DVD Writers

  Dumfy 23:44 26 Aug 2003

Hi everyone,

Looks like I?ll be doing another upgrade soon?I really should go into business!!

This time it?s a bit more straightforward, but do need some advice as it?s an area I?m not 100% familiar with.

A friend has asked me to install a DVD writer so that she can transfer movies off her digi-cam and play them both on the PC and home DVD player (a Pioneer model) and also DVD players of other family members. I?ve suggested that a writer should be installed that will do both DVD + and ? R/RW to cover all options (apart from DVD Ram). The two models that spring to mind are:

Pioneer DVR A06

Does anybody have experience of these and have any other suggestions or ideas? Pinnacle software is being used for all the video editing stuff and rendering so is this good enough for the DVD writing or would I be better off suggesting something like Roxio?s software?

Many thanks


  Dumfy 09:40 27 Aug 2003

That's more info than I could I have hoped for. Excellent. Thanks for the help.


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