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Recommendations for driver etc. software

  Ian in Northampton 18:15 02 May 2015

Hey team. My wife's laptop is in desperate need of a reinstall. Do any of you have any recommendations for free software that will allow me to easily identify them, save them and then reinstall them? I used to use DriverMax, which used to work quite well, but I'm thinking there's probably something better. What I absolutely don't want is one of those cursed pieces of software that keeps looking for/installing updated drivers.

  Devil Fish 18:20 02 May 2015

laptop may have a back up partition you can reinstall from, If this is the case it should have all necessary drivers included ,worth investigating

  Ian in Northampton 18:34 02 May 2015

Thanks. It doesn't. It came with the option to make back up/reinstall disks, which I'm currently doing - but I fear, as the laptop has seen considerable use, these won't be much good at restoring the system to its original state.

  Ian in Northampton 18:35 02 May 2015

To add to my above post: not least because I'm pretty certain it shipped with Vista, but now has W7HP...

  Ian in Northampton 09:56 03 May 2015

Thanks rdave13. It seems good. Just reinstalling Windows now. Pray for me...

  john bunyan 10:06 03 May 2015

Ian in Northampton

Good luck; not sure if you used an ISO disk up to date W7 or from W7 OEM. Last time I did the latter, it took a day or two to download all the updates, the most important of which was SP1!! But I suspect you have that in hand.

  john bunyan 10:07 03 May 2015

I meant install!

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