Recommendations for a cool, quiet case?

  johndrew 15:59 20 Apr 2006

For a while now I have been getting more frustrated with both elevated temperatures and noise from my 9 month old PC.

Because the hard disk drives were nearing their Maxtor recommended top operating temperature limit I fitted an extra fan at the front of the case. Because of the extra noise I fitted AcoustiKit blankets. This caused the CPU and 2x GPU temperatures to rise, so I fitted a third fan to pull air from the side of the case.

As a result of the above I now have a PC that is fairly cool when running under load but not very quiet.

Given the age of the beast and the money already spent I can`t afford to do a lot but wondered if anyone could suggest a reasonably inexpensive case with recognised good cooling and accoustic properties. I should be able to transfer all the hardware (including floppy drive) and hopefully not need the extra fans. Any suggestions?

  Totally-braindead 17:08 20 Apr 2006

If the Forum here don't help you perhaps try here click here they have a section particularly about cooling.

  Totally-braindead 17:32 20 Apr 2006

Just got the email from PCA and in the new edition which should be out now June edition, they are doing a feature on making your PC quieter so that might be worth a look.

  ade.h 18:16 20 Apr 2006

One of my builds uses a Chieftec BX series (click here My exact model is no longer featured).

It's very good (I use one case fan, inline CPU cooler and fanless PSU) but like most cases, it does benefit from a bit of DIY with electrical tape between the panel gaps to completely eliminate resonance, and I also recommend silicone feet, fan mounts and PSU mount if yours is not fanless.

  johndrew 19:50 21 Apr 2006

Thanks for the responses people.

I have looked at Overclockers forum and they do have some good ideas that may work at minimum cost. Whether I am brave enough to buy a couple of wire grills and cut holes where the punched ventilation slots/holes are I`m not sure as I can`t be certain it would improve cooling or reduce noise.

I have read the article in PCA but it looks a bit expensive and with only a small gap between the two graphics cards I`m not sure the recommended coolers would go in without the lower one contacting the underside of the upper card.

The cases at overclock look both promising and inexpensive (relatively), the DX-01DB-USB Black Dragon looks good as does the LBX-03B-B-SL USB Black BX and they are similarly priced. Can you give me any steer on which may be better for me to transfer to? Or which may be the better case to fit the cool/quiet need that I have? I can provide the full spec of my PC if it would help.

  ade.h 22:45 21 Apr 2006

The LBX would likely be preferable click here

  johndrew 12:57 22 Apr 2006

Call me thick but I couldn`t find the LBX with your link. The nearest I could find was the BX-03B-B-B; is that the same item as you refered to?

  ade.h 14:34 22 Apr 2006

BX and LBX come from the same family, as the similar names suggest. They are largely style variations applied to basically the same carcass, though some features may vary. I have one of the BXs.

  ade.h 14:35 22 Apr 2006

The link that I provided was not specifically for the LBX, just the range in general.

  johndrew 15:27 22 Apr 2006

Thanks ade.h, I shall now look at the unit in depth and see what it offers.

  johndrew 15:52 22 Apr 2006

Looks a nice case with plenty of room and a step up (atleast one!) from what I have currently - as supplied it is a `ebox`. The only question further I have is on the PSU. The write up and reviews mention a 360 watt unit, mine is a 480 watt item. Would this cause any problem?

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