Recommendation, please

  Chris the Ancient 19:43 22 Dec 2006

After many, many problems with drop-outs and pathetic download speeds with my netgear DG834GUK wireless router/modem, I have ditched it and had to go (temporarily onto my single-computer usb adsl modem (which at east stays connected and gives reasonable speeds again. The netgear one just gradually deteriorated over a period of 5-6 weeks - leading me to believe I had a line fault. I reloaded it a couple of times and disabled the wireless aspect of it with no improvement.

So, I have to bite the bullet and go for a new router/modem.

It doesn't have to be wireless, the cables are in place anyway (my laptop sits next to my main pc anyway).

Can anyone recommend me a good, reliable router/modem and supplier - allowing for the fact that, because it's this time of year, I'm skint!

I've browsed Novatech and they have a Linksys AG-241. Is it any good?



  Strawballs 23:29 22 Dec 2006

Linksys is made by cisco systems, I have WRT54g for cable and am more than happy with it and have set up a ADSL modem/router for a friend which he says is still working fine after about 6 months.

  Forum Editor 23:33 22 Dec 2006

a BT Voyager 2110 wireless router on my home network, and (touch wood)so far it has performed flawlessly.

  Chris the Ancient 23:52 22 Dec 2006


I'm pleased to hear that Linksys sound reliable. They will certainly be high on my list.


Thanks for that, Peter, I have heard good things of the Voyager series as well. I had not been too worried about the wireless aspect of things, but may well consider it.

No 1 on the list of pros as aopposed to cons will have to be the price.

Additional thought?

If I got a gender changer or a x-over cable, could I connect my ethernet card directly to my notebook network card?

And so to bed.

Thanks again. I shall leave the thread live a little longer to see if anyone else has reinforcements to the above ideas - or new ones.


  Strawballs 21:53 23 Dec 2006

Yes you could use a crossover cable and enable ICS but the PC would have to be switched on for the laptop to connect to the net which would not be an issue with a router.

  Chris the Ancient 16:19 24 Dec 2006

...(I love that name - but do wonder why!)

I dug deep in my memory (very deep at my age!) and remembered that this was a thing I had done in the past.

I've been shopping through the internet and found that maplin do an RJ45 gender changer. As I have no crossover cables any more - but loads of straight ones, I've ordered the crossover as a temporary, and cheapest - measure. It's not vital for my lappie to have internet access at the moment - it just carries a few files off my main pc - so I can handle that for a couple of weeks.

Once I have a few more pennies again, I shall start on the router/modem hunt again.


  Strawballs 21:47 24 Dec 2006

Strawballs is a play on my last name (Haycock)

  AndySD 01:22 26 Dec 2006

Chris have you looked to see if there was an update for the Netgear router and if not have you contacted Netgear as they are normaly good at replacing faulty goods.

  Chris the Ancient 21:13 26 Dec 2006

Hi AndySD

Sorry, been away all day.

I haven't looked (yet) for any updates. I think I've probably had the router too long to get anything sorted by netgear on it now.

I'm going to give it another go over the next break and see if I can get anywhere with it. I shall check for updates again and try configuring it (again). However, it just doesn't seem to like my connection! But I still find it difficult to understand why it just died 'slowly'.

My speedtouch also has a tendency to drop out and it's not a thing that will allow manual configuration (maybe a good thing in my case?); I shall just stagger by until the new rules come out in February and go for a different provider - one that will actually offer some form of support!


  Fred the flour grader 21:38 26 Dec 2006

Hi Guys,

On Xmas day, my wife presented me with a brand new Compaq laptop computer, my first one!. It was intended to replace my ageing old Advent 3301pc that I purchased in 1999. I am connected to the internet through Blueyonder wireless broadband, via the blueyonder set top box. I want to basically swap all my email accounts to the new laptop whilst also allowing the kids to take the old Advent upstairs to the bedroom so they can have a pc up there, and share the internet connection.
The exsisting set up has a Netgear wireless access point plugged into the back of the set top box and the signal is recieved by the pc via a wireless usb adapter. It states on the Netgear wireless access point that only one computer can use this unit so, I am aware that I will probably require a new Netgear unit. Blueyonder have on their site that Netgear will sell these at a good rate to exsisting Blueyonder customers at preferential rates, however I think I have seen the same units in pc world for less.
What I am really looking for is a simple explanation on how to create a home network for someone like me to understand. I am using XP on the new laptop and 98se on the old Advent, would this cause a problem? Also I am using AVG free on the old Advent, but have the option of Norton on the new laptop, which I don't really like, so do I need an anti virus for each pc or just one for the network?
Any help really appreciatted,

  Fred the flour grader 21:40 26 Dec 2006

was intended as my own thread

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