Recommendation for DVD watching download

  spuds 18:02 07 Nov 2011

Can you recommend a good dvd player download and link.

I have just downloaded the latest version of Real Player onto the computer, and for some reason it does not want to work?.

Any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 07 Nov 2011

VLC player will play everything

  eedcam 18:21 07 Nov 2011

real player Yuk! why not just use windows media player or better still get VLC player its free VLC Player

  spuds 18:31 07 Nov 2011

Thanks guys, looks like I will be downloading VLC, and give that a try.

I used Real Player quite some time ago, and through some problem or another took it off the compute. Thought that I would give it another try today, but had problems, which could be Real Player or the computer?.

Thanks again, will tick this as resolved.

  spuds 18:58 07 Nov 2011

Not sure what as just happened, but I used the link Fruit Bat provided, and commenced to download, when Avast warned me of a suspect file, and recommended that I used Avast sandbox. Did that and everything seemed to commence to instal okay, then the system crashed, rebooted and a report was given via Microsoft as to what might have been the 'blue screen' problem.

Checked in XP Add/Remove, and no indication of programme download?.

I will try the link provided by eedcam, and see what happens?.

  spuds 19:12 07 Nov 2011

It would appear that when I tried to download the first time, I jumped the gun, by perhaps not downloading properly?.

Tried the second link and went to completion. Still cannot view a dvd, and get report error messages, so it looks like a problem with the computer, which I will try and sort out later.

Thanks once again for links and recommendation, much appreciated.

  lotvic 19:36 07 Nov 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\ that looks like a bad link, it goes to fake VLC site and has malware trying to download.

eedcam's is the proper link

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