recommendation of best lead and type (for laptop to tv connection)

  theDarkness 01:19 29 Dec 2012

The laptop has standard audio sockets (B-line-in,R-mic,G-headphone),S-Video (7 pin), VGA. The tv has HDMI, Component In (L,R,Pr,Pb,Y),VGA, plus a stereo jack socket.

Currently for connecting the laptop to the widescreen tv, I have a VGA to VGA cable for the display, and a double jack lead from the headphone socket on the laptop to the stereo socket on the tv for audio. Both of these cables are far too short, so I am wondering if I should simply buy longer ones of the same type, or opt for another connection type, if anyone believes a higher quality output is possible.

There are no current issues, but can quality can be affected with longer leads, of around 5m? I wouldn't opt for anything longer-should I just stick with a longer VGA to VGA, and a longer stereo jack to jack? I wouldnt attempt a connection (as im pretty sure they are incompatible without a converter) but out of interest, I wonder if there is a difference in quality between the headphone socket on laptop (green) with the component connections on the tv (red and white)? Thanks for any tips regarding the best setup or brand of cables, if possible ;)

  spuds 08:15 29 Dec 2012

I tend to go for longer versions if available, because connections might bring their own problems.

Another thing that I have found, it that some people insist that the more expensive the cable is the better, but I from my own experiences this is not always the case. I usually bulk buy from Ebuyer.

  Bris 11:11 29 Dec 2012

All the connections you mention except HDMI are analogue and with analogue the longer the lead the more signal degradation you get. Long leads are also prone to picking up interference from other cables such as mains cables. For this reason enthusiasts buy expensive cables as they contain more in the way of screening and have less resistance than cheap cables.

With digital cables they either work or they dont. There is no point in paying £50 for an HDMI cable when a £5 works.

The trick with any cable is to spend as little as you can for one that provides acceptable performance bearing in mind that the longer it gets the higher the quality needed and therefore the higher the cost.

Hope this helps

  woodchip 11:47 29 Dec 2012

In VGA you will get poor text when reading but you can get Converters

Converter Link

  theDarkness 12:57 29 Dec 2012

The closest at pc world online, and im guessing in store, are Logik svga 3m cables for £20 and Retrak retractable vga cables for £10. A bit of a difference compared to elsewhere-but I sometimes wonder if on the high st im just paying for the brand name alone. I know pc world isnt exactly the NEXT equivalent for pc related items, but still.. XD

Most cables on amazon and ebay for vga or svga and stereo sockets are just a couple of pound each, so I know Im not losing out on much if they dont prove to be as good as I hoped. I wont be reading much off the screen, but I suppose I could always increase that text size or use the zoom function in windows as a last resort when browsing online etc. I think one of my main concerns at first was if I should stick to well known brands or not, even for cables (startech,belkin)? thanks

  Ian in Northampton 13:09 29 Dec 2012

FWIW, I'm always buying cables of varying types - and I always buy from eBay. I've never had a dud yet. I'm shocked that e.g. PC World can charge £9.99 for their cheapest HDMI cable, for example, which I doubt is any better than the £1.10 ones I get from eBay - and PC World have even more expensive ones than that. They rely on ignorance/fear. As Bris says, there's probably value in spending a little extra for better shielded cables where they're long and/or likely to be near sources of interference - but beyond that... All of the above said: you'll find plenty of forums on the web where people argue vehemently that they can see/hear the difference in more expensive cables. I just know that my eyes/ears can't. Take a look at to see an example of a very successful business based on 'quality' cables at unbelievable prices.

  theDarkness 13:37 29 Dec 2012

Im sure you are right-fear is a major factor when coming to any kind of lower budget non branded shopping, of any kind at all. I know some m&s shoppers that would never shop in aldi or lidl. That tends to be the prime example these days. Snobs or fear? Theres probably a mixture of both in there. That doesnt mean there arent some items in any budget store only just worthy of their price, but there are plenty of others that are worth it, or more. I laughed (in a good way) when I found out that wine experts stated that £3 aldi wine in a blind test was the winner in a taste test featuring premium £30+ equivalents (Spanish Toro Loco Tempranillo-£3.59). Never tried, not a wine fan,lol.

Anyway, back to the actual cables-yes, aside from purchasing actual computers, which tend to be expensive whether they are custom built or not, i tend to be a budget shopper to attempt to make up for it ;) I think Ill definately search for some better shielded non major branded cables on the likes of amazon and the bay. The only way to know other brands are to try them out, and I shouldnt worry too much about getting a £2 cable not quite premium quality. thanks to all replies

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