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  sharkfin 04:58 12 Jan 2006


I'm going to be attempting a PC build for my brother which is geared towards gaming and i'm stuck on which processor to buy. My Budget is £150 for the CPU. I wanted an X" but thats out of the question so its got to be an Athlon 64 range.

I need a processor that gives the most bang for £. something that is overclockable would be a bonus as He may give water cooling a try.

There are 3200+ 3500+ 3700+ that is withing budget but just cant decide which would be the best fo rthe money. I've also heard of opteron CPU's are good for gaming. What do you think?

  goonerbill © ® 09:16 12 Jan 2006

out of the 3 cpu's you have listed, the 3700+ 939 pin 2.2 ghz (watch out you dont get the 754 pin version which runs at 2.4ghz by mistake) would be best as it has 1mb L2 cache, the other 2 only have 512kb L2 cache.

the 3200+ is good for overclocking (dont know about 3500+) and can use money left towards more memory.

the opteron's are excellent chips. the 939 pin versions are selling over market price on ebay but still only 1/3 the cost of a true FX chip. the 142 is rated as same FX53 and the 144 = FX55 as reported else where on the net.

the only problem you may have is that AMD have found out what is happening with the opterons (people buying them instead of FX's) and have clamped down on there sale to third parties to try and make sure they only end up in server systems.

  Jdoki 09:32 12 Jan 2006

Until recently I was using a 3500 in a gaming PC. Fantastic chip - unfortunately my machine went kaput, so I rebuilt it with a 3800X2.

The 3700 has the same clock speed as the 3500 from what I remember, but the extra 512k cache will help a bit. But I doubt you'll see a massive difference so a 3500 would be a great choice.

However the old PC building adage always applies... Buy the best you can afford... A 3700 will last you marginally longer before the _next_ upgrade! :)

  goonerbill © ® 09:43 12 Jan 2006

forgot to say, watch out for 940 pin opteron's if you decide to go that way. heres a few links for opterons. try a general search in google with the following ...... amd opteron 939 pin prices

click here

click here

  Coltch 09:44 12 Jan 2006

I would consider the Opteron 144 , it has 1MB cache running at 1.8GHz but is said to overclock a treat on air.

  sharkfin 09:48 12 Jan 2006

hi tx for the advice guys. I was considering getting the cheaper 3200+ and overlocking it to make it run like a 3500+ but then the 3500+ itself is only £20 more..and the 3700+ is only £20 more than that again, lol.

I'm amazed that you said the opteron 144 is comparable to the FX55 considering the huge price difference. The opteron 144 is only £130 on ebay! Very tempting.

Are the opterons 64Bit compatible too?

  sharkfin 09:51 12 Jan 2006

opps, thnaks for the advice again. The opterons are looking very much the one i'll go for. I'll just go and read up on them a bit more.

  sharkfin 09:56 12 Jan 2006

Just wondering if the opterons are such good performers fo rthe money, how come not many manufacturers offer them in their systems?

Would their be any problems running these processors in normal everyday desktops?

What about future proofing, would their be any likely problems with windows vista?

  DrScott 11:59 12 Jan 2006

... that opteron 144 is the one to go for as it is very overclockable and will cost only around £100.

If you want an Athlon64, then again a 3200 is apparantly the most cost effective, and again is overclockable (though make sure it's San Diego core).

  sharkfin 13:13 12 Jan 2006

OK thanks.

the Opteron 146 was bang on my budget so I think i'll go for the 144 as its a bit cheaper and as you say has more overclocking potential. thanks again!

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