Recommend wireless keyboard/mouse combo with more responsive mouse?

  polymath 21:48 28 Sep 2014

I have 2 computers, desktop & notebook, both by Packard Bell & running Vista Home Premium SP2.

The desktop came with a (Packard Bell) USB wireless keyboard & optical mouse. The keyboard's fine (if you ignore the proprietary clutter!), but using that mouse has been like swimming through treacle right from the start. Also, I have to left-click twice instead of once, often but not always. I haven't figured out any pattern to it, so get multiple instances of e.g. my browser opening (which, understandably, the computer doesn't like one little bit). I tried a new combo (from Lidl), but it was no improvement. With more time now to use the desktop for the work it's intended for, the problem's moved to the top of the list!

Before any Helproom Angels suggest possible causes, I have followed up plenty of good advice online re sluggish mice, but to no avail (more detail later, if wanted). But I hadn't been thinking straight (prolonged troubleshooting seems to have that effect!), and somehow missed the simple first step of swapping things round. Now I've tried that, it seems to me that it's eliminated the previous suspects (dirt, run-down/duff batteries, wrong settings etc), and some mice are just better than others?

With the laptop, I use a little cordless USB optical mouse, which has always been nice and responsive. When I tried the Packard Bell set there instead, I had just the same problems as when it's connected to the desktop. Trying the notebook mouse with the desktop made a wonderful difference; just as responsive as with the notebook. (Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000). Same with an even smaller (corded) travelling USB optical mouse (Go Mini Optical Mouse).

Maybe there's a keyboard/mouse set I could try that has the right similarities? (Simplicity, maybe?) If not, I could get another notebook mouse, and a separate keyboard (I'm ok with small mice). If needs be to avoid conflicts/interference, I could put up with a corded keyboard.

  The Kestrel 18:53 29 Sep 2014

I've had this combo click here for about a year now and am very happy with it. The keyboard batteries seem to last forever, not changed them yet and the mouse takes just one AA battery and lasts a reasonable time before it requires changing.

  Ian in Northampton 19:18 29 Sep 2014

I have Logitech wireless combos on all my machines, and am very satisfied. That's three votes for Logitech, then. :-)

  britto 20:16 29 Sep 2014

another vote for Logitech 24.99 here

click here and click here

  polymath 21:14 29 Sep 2014

Thanks, all (that seems pretty unanimous!). (I'm in Ireland, so will check it out on the websites that ship here).

Hopefully it'll give a better mouse experience. And I never really liked the Packard Bell combo anyway; it feels kind of clunky, and the keyboard's very clattery (I chose the system on the more inbuilt criteria). And though the Lidl combo has a much nicer feel (apart from the equally unresponsive mouse), 4 of its number keys have just died (so beyond economical repair probably).

  polymath 16:29 30 Sep 2014

I've ordered one (so hopefully will be able to tick this as resolved by the end of the week). For anyone else in the republic of Ireland, I found it at Hunt Office (€44).

  polymath 19:43 09 Oct 2014

Just to say this combo did the trick. The mouse is just as obedient as my notebook ones (and as neat to hold). Seems not all mice are created equal! The keyboard's nice (and quiet) to use, with the keys I'll need - not over-designed or cluttered with keys I won't use. I especially don't miss the big ones that went to the Packard Bell website (even when it was still there), and it's nice to see my old friend Function Key again.

Thanks, all!

  polymath 19:50 09 Oct 2014

Sorry - you should all green ticks, but it doesn't seem to be possible!

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