Recommend a router?

  andy625 11:06 21 Oct 2010

We've used Netgear routers for the last 5yrs. They tend to last about 2yrs before problems occur such as loss of internet connection (meaning turning the router off and on again, to restore connection). Our current Netgear Rangemax router has just started acting up in this manner. We've had the broadband connection checked out, and it's fine.

For the routers replacement I was thinking of switching to a different brand. Can anyone recommend a router?

In the house we use 2 pc's, a pda (using slower b connection speed), blackberry 9700 and an iphone. We don't play games or watch hd internet tv, so I was thinking of trying a Linksys E1000? Or is there a better solution?

  onthelimit 11:54 21 Oct 2010

You'll get lots of answers depending on the type individuals use. I've had a Thompson Speedtouch for the last 5 yrs with no problems whatsoever.

  andy625 12:10 21 Oct 2010

OK, I hadn't considered Thompson. 5 years would be a vast improvement on the life of our Netgear items.

  onthelimit 12:21 21 Oct 2010

Don't know if it makes any difference, but I leave it on all the time, so there's no thermal cycling.

  andy625 12:25 21 Oct 2010

Yes, I mean't to mention above, that we leave ours on all the time. I don't know if that is good or bad.

  onthelimit 16:57 21 Oct 2010

Looks like it depends on the make!

  andy625 19:13 21 Oct 2010

Does anyone else have a Linksys router of any description?

  Bike-it 20:00 22 Oct 2010

Sorry i dont have a Linksys router but i too was a Netgear customer, but after several routers failing after a years use i started looking for a new router and the search came down to two the Billion 7800N and the Linksys WAG 320N, so after doing a lot of research online i bought the Billion router from broadband buyer and am really really pleased with the performance of it, it has a great wireless range and stable,also great whenever you are using it wireless very few dropped connections compared to the Netgear router.

  john bunyan 20:20 23 Oct 2010

I had a Linksys WAG something or other. At first it was good, but, for example if there was a power cut id did not come on without a manual input. Also my internet phone was intermittent. Since switching to a Belkin N+ wireless router, I( think with a lifetime guarantee) things are much better including the wireless range.

  john bunyan 20:22 23 Oct 2010

PS I leave it on all the time as I have a Vonage internet phone.It very rarely has needed attention

  andy625 20:38 23 Oct 2010

Thanks for the replies. Billion and Belkin look like a good alternative at the moment. Seems like I'm not alone in having Netgear routers failing after (what I'd consider) unacceptably short lifespans.

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