Recommend network game for kids please

  Mitch 1 09:40 27 Jan 2004

I have recently installed a home network. - One athlon 2600 with win xp and two low spec sub 350Mhz pcs with Win 98se. The Win 98 pcs are in the kids rooms. File and printer sharing enabled but internet sharing usully disabled unless good supervision is present. I am looking for a game that can be installed on all pcs to be played across the LAN but not on the internet. Can anyone recommend any such games? Obviously low hardware requirements is necessary.

  Tog 12:46 27 Jan 2004

What age range?

  Tog 12:49 27 Jan 2004

Age of Empires goes down well in our house but there are some flight sims, tank sims & racing type games that are available in budget software compilation packs that don't need high-end machines.

That is a freebie...

Erm Young kids games tend to be just single player from what i have seen... The best bet is to go to PCWorld, look at the kids games they have there, and get them that way, But it will be hard to get one's that are low spec and are networkable...

  Kase 13:47 27 Jan 2004

Try Scrabble 2003 Edition up to 4 players on a Local Network and face up to 3 players on the Internet.Operating system 98-2000-ME-XP,Processor P11 400Mhz, Memory 64MB, 3D Card 16MB,Direct X 8.1, DVD/CD-Rom 4x Hard Drive 350MB.Buy from DREAMdirect, hurry for January Sale

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:00 27 Jan 2004

There should be some games out there,really it depends on the age range and type of game u wont them to play,IE: do u wont blood/gore would the game need parental control so u can turn this on/off up /down,kids get bored easy so what ever you get i doubt they will enjoy it for long unless it has some sort off gore in it ,lol if u stick them hearts on they will prob go to bed at 6 bored senseless,Imperium galactica 2 is a good game for Lan play no gore but full of spaceships
and things and not to taxing on the pc and quite modern.Star treck games usually go down well with kids,as does Giants but there is a bit of Gore in giants(Citezen Kabuto)altho a good story and cartoon like.


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