Recommend a good external HHD for system backup?

  Muckleface 22:37 26 Aug 2003

Can anyone recommend a good external HDD for system backup?

Currently my backup is 35GB in size but obviously it will grow over time.

Any recommendations?


  jazzypop 22:59 26 Aug 2003

I can certainly recommend the Maxtor 5000XT - it is a lovely piece of kit.

You need a USB2 or Firewire connection to take full advantage of it, and the 250GB capacity is probably more than you need, by the sound of it - but it part of a range of equally good Maxtor drives with a range of capacities.

See click here for details.

ALternatively, consider a 2nd internal IDE drive, or a standard IDE drive in an external USB2 or Firewire cage.

  Mango Grummit 23:40 26 Aug 2003

I agree with jazzypop about the Maxtor.

I use it on both USB 1 & 2 machines and the speed difference is insignificant unless saving seconds is important to you. Firewire I have no experience of and in truth don't expect to in the foreseeable future. From the reports I've read I can't see the need for it but that may change.

  accord 06:50 27 Aug 2003

check these out

click here i think they use hitachi laptop hard drives in their external storage devices.

click here although these are not as big as archos'.

  -pops- 07:23 27 Aug 2003

Note that in the event of total system failure, you may have difficulty in restoring your backup from an external drive. This is because they usually rely on a Windows function (USB or Firewire) to be able to operate and if Windows is the thing that has failed your machine will not have anything to refer to.

It can be done but check out your backup program very carefully before you go ahead.

Personally, I use a second or even third IDE drive - these are controlled by the BIOS chip and independent of the O/S. Note my drives above the normal number are controlled by a separate PCI IDE controller.


  Muckleface 19:28 27 Aug 2003

Thanks guys!

-pops-, if I did have a total system failure knocking out my USB ports, then couldnt I just reinstall windows first from my Windows CD and then do the backup?


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