recommend good blank media supplier?

  martd77 12:19 17 Sep 2008

I currently use ukdvdr but have on occasion used svp and 7 day shop,can anyone recommend a good supplier of blank media?

  jimv7 12:23 17 Sep 2008

Bigpockets click here

  martd77 12:28 17 Sep 2008

cheers looks good but out of stock on single dvd cases and i want to buy dvd-r,cdr and some cases from same company

cheers anyway its bookmarked

  PO79 12:55 17 Sep 2008
  Stuartli 13:37 17 Sep 2008

I use - the Infiniti CD and DVD blank media is top class (as far as I am aware it's rebadged Taiyo Yuden media, probably the best you can get).

My understanding is that the same applies to Imation blank media.

  martd77 08:43 18 Sep 2008

po79 good shop but £18 for 100 dvd cases?its normally about £9

stuartli out of stock with the infiniti and they dont appear to sell cd\dvd cases

  Stuartli 09:48 18 Sep 2008

I've checked the 7DayShop website - all items from Infiniti, apart from the Printable CD-R media, are listed as "Stock, plenty"..:-)

If you do order, make sure that you order as close to the maximum of £18 as possible to ensure the best return on VAT-free prices and delivery charge.

One other suggestion is click here - the same applies re making the most of the delivery charge but, in this case, the VAT-free aspect isn't relevant.

  martd77 11:07 18 Sep 2008

ive just looked and infiniti 16x dvd-r 50pk stock on order,
along with the cases which they dont sell

click here

  martd77 11:08 18 Sep 2008

The other site has everything i need so ill put in a bulk order,thanks

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