Recommend a DVD writer?

  Rufus Tanner 22:13 18 Aug 2003

Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a decent (preferably a budjet) DVD writer?
Many Thanks.

  Stuartli 22:28 18 Aug 2003

The Philips 106 is being sold by BlackDiscShop:

click here

at £128 including VAT.

I've just ordered two of them (for someone else!) and have always found the firm to be excellent with first class backup service; this included a period last Christmas when it was closed for the holidays, but the owners still replied immediately to e-mail queries.

  crx1600 23:33 18 Aug 2003

that'll be the Pioneer then :o)

bigpockets also has some cheap drives click here but i'd spend a bit more and get the one Stuartli mentioned.

  The Sack 01:16 19 Aug 2003

+ is the way to go so dont panic about a dual format drive click here for a nice Liteon for £113. It is also the fastest to burn CD-R at 40X that i have seen a DVD burner do.

  crx1600 01:26 19 Aug 2003

or you could be flash and have all 3 DVD formats in one drive for £174 click here

  Stuartli 08:06 19 Aug 2003

You are right re Pioneer - it's old age you know.

I also should have typed blankdisckshop, but the firm could also be known by forum members under the names of SVP Communications and

Nothing to worry about as I've always found the firm first class in every respect.

By the way if you use Proxomitron as I do, you'll have to engage Bypass otherwise you will have trouble entering order and payment details.

  rickf 09:51 19 Aug 2003

Friend bought OPtoRite and is very pleased with. Writes all the formats adn is the cheapest on the market at present.

  **nada** 11:20 19 Aug 2003

The drive crx1600 mentioned (with 3 DVD formats - LG 4040B) is about £20 cheaper at (including delivery). I ordered one yesterday :-)

  dac2000_uk 11:21 19 Aug 2003

A sony would never letyou down if you were willing to pay that little bit extra

  Stuartli 14:22 19 Aug 2003

The Pioneer 106 can write to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

By the way the two Pioneer 106s plus media were ordered late on Friday afternoon - they arrived soon after 11am today.....

  rickf 14:26 19 Aug 2003

h OptoRite is £116 incl Vat at click here today.

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