Recomendations on New Motherboard please ?

  RDG 15:19 15 May 2003

I would like to upgrade to a new motherboard with probably a Pentium 4 2.4GHz. I am at a loss to know which Motherboard to choose. Is there a simple comparison table anywhere on the pros/cons of different boards. At the moment like the look of the Gigabyte range but even here there are a lot to choose from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  woodchip 15:27 15 May 2003

You will be limited for choice with P4. But will have a lot more with Athlon XP

  RDG 15:33 15 May 2003

Noted Woodchip but it still leaves me in a quandary of which is a good board and which is not so good. What would you recommend in the Athlon range ?

  woodchip 16:33 15 May 2003

Mine is a ECS K7S6A I find this a very stable easy configurable board with onboard sound but you need graphics card, sound can be disabled if you want to add your own check click here for a full review go to ECS site. every body will have there own favourite board but this is mine

  961 17:19 15 May 2003

I bought a gigabyte board and have never regretted it. It has a back up (dual) bios chip in case you ever get a virus and it has software which makes it easy to upgrade (flash) via the web in case you ever need to.
Unless you need the latest, fastest, bells and whistles, all the rest of it, you can buy a reliable board for no more than £70/£80 max.
If you look on their website you will see what each board does and how much you need to pay
I have an Athlon processor because I found the whole experience of computer building cheaper that way. again by buying half way down their current production which at the moment I guess is about XP 2200 or thereabouts. Unless you want to fly to the moon I cannot see the need to pay more than £70 for a CPU

  RDG 18:27 15 May 2003

Thanks 961, They do seem to have the edge but the variations in models is enormous. I have now found a site on the internet which compares models and that is most useful (click here). One can also compare AMD rankings.

Thanks for your input.

  kane_2002k 18:34 15 May 2003

click here respected review site. Also click here

  King Diamond 18:41 15 May 2003

I used to have a PLATINIX board with my P4 till I saw the light and went AMD with ASUS.

Anyway, I had no bother with Platinix at all and they had a great forum with fast accurate advice for any problems you had. They gave great instruction for flashing the bios, which I did and went well. I was a relative beginner then and would definetely recommend them for your P4.

click here

  mark e 19:15 15 May 2003

I have used Lex, MSI and Gigabyte, of all the latter was the best for stability and simplest to setup.
instruction manual was clear and well thought out in both print and pictures.


  RDG 22:12 15 May 2003

Many Thanks for all advice. i have enough info to get to grips with this now !!

  Switcher 22:58 15 May 2003


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