Recodr video onto dvd disc?

  User-31020C6A-6E18-413F-AB65DC7EA8FF1A5D 14:29 12 Jan 2008

Can anyone advise how / if I can copy videos onto dvd discs, using the Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EXT75EB, please?

I have tried lookng in the manual and at all the functions on the TV screen....but no success so far.

We have a Panasonic TX-26LXD600 TV and a Hitachi video recorder.

Please advise

Thank you

  MaxUpload 15:22 12 Jan 2008

I just love old videos , especially those of Railways and Motor Racing that have not been re-released on DVD , but I digress!

I've had first class results from my old Sharp video recorder and Philips DVD recorder by doing the following:

Set up your DVD recorder to optimum settings by matching the playing time of the video to the recording time required on the DVD - generally speaking two hours.

Connect a scart from the output of the video recorder to the input of the dvd recorder.

Press play on the video recorder and record on the dvd recorder and sit back!

I would stress that this works for me with my equipment - can't guarantee it will with yours.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 12 Jan 2008

As above but you may need to select the scart as the input device to record from, have to do that on my Alba.

Just looked at buying a Philips DVD recorder but was put off by the fact it would only record from the inbuilt TV tuner and NOT from the scart socket.

  eedcam 17:56 12 Jan 2008

As already said above remember max time is 2 hours for standard quality.However panasonics have what is called Flexi record this is useful should your proposed video be just over the 2hours by about 10 or 20 mins+ .The flexi will only compress to get that amount of time on .Whereas withsome other recorders you would need to set it for long play 4 hours therebye doing a lot of unneeded compression

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