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  eikonuj 02:00 08 Apr 2011

I am using Win7 and IE9,can anyone tell me how to relocate the three buttons on top right of my windows screen.

They are 'Minimise, Restore Down and Close'.

I have a sneaking suspicion that they are an untouchable part of windows.

I want to reclaim the row of desktop space they occupy.

Many thanks.

  Dragon_Heart 02:10 08 Apr 2011

"reclaim the row of desktop space they occupy", it's only about 1% of your total screen area.

These have been with us since the start of Windows and NO you can't !

  birdface 08:18 08 Apr 2011

Press F11 to enlarge and that will stop them from showing.Then press F11 again for the normal screen again if you want to see them.

  eikonuj 08:26 08 Apr 2011

Dragon Heart - it was more principle than amount of space, you have confirmed my suspicions.

buteman - F11 works a treat, I've learnt something today.


  bluesbrother 09:36 08 Apr 2011

For those who find only 3 buttons a bit limiting, have a look at this click here eXtra Buttons

Its "freeware software that provides additional buttons placed in the caption of all windows" and pretty useful.

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