Rechargeable batteries in cordless Binatone phone

  commute 21:02 18 Nov 2017

I have had the phone for some years and , apart from when away on holiday, the phone is left in its stand on permanent charge apart from when we move about the house with it ; that said, the phone has started to not hold its charge and I wonder if we should not keep it on permanent charge but only charge it when the battery power is getting low? How long do rechargeable batteries last and how really should they be used?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 18 Nov 2017

If you have had it "some years" then very likely you need new batteries. 1000 recharges is often quoted.

  rdave13 22:49 18 Nov 2017

Use the phones as you wish. Left on the charging dock it will stop charging automatically. It's time to throw away the batteries and buy new ones. Nothing lasts forever.

  Govan1x 00:55 19 Nov 2017

I was going to order some for my Panasonic phones until I read this.

It is recommended to give them a full charge (8hrs) when first used.

Now I assumed you just put them straight in the phones and the phones would charge them. Obviously not.

  alanrwood 10:10 19 Nov 2017

Yes you do put them in the phone and put the phone in the stand/charger. It simply wants you to give them a full initial charge of 8 hours before you use the phone with the risk of the batteries discharging fully during the conversation. Phone batteries do take a lot of hammer with constant charge/discharge so they do wear out. Just replace them with a similar battery ie NiCd/NiMH etc. Just make sure the phone uses single separate batteries as if it is a battery pack then the individual cells are spot welded together in manufacture and it is almost impossible to join single cells together as solder does not work very well and creates a larger length which then does not fit the battery compartment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:15 19 Nov 2017

My phone (gigaset) uses a couple of AAA batteries I charged them in a normal charger first.

But to charge in the phone they need a small part of the casing plastic removing before fitting in the phone. This is because the contact is at the side rather than at the base.

  commute 12:16 19 Nov 2017

Use the phones as you wish. Left on the charging dock it will stop charging automatically. It's time to throw away the batteries and buy new ones. Nothing lasts forever.

So; is it better to not leave it in its recharge cradle once it has reached full charge and only put it in the charge cradle when the battery is getting low? But how long do these rechargeable batteries last normally?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 19 Nov 2017

Leave it in the cradle or leave it laying around doesn't really make any difference except for convenience.

If you have had about 3 years out of your batteries then you have done well.

  wee eddie 12:27 19 Nov 2017

The phone is designed to sit in its Charging Cradle permanently.

Mobile Phone batteries can be expected to last for 3 to 5 years, a Domestic Phone could probably expected to last a couple of years longer

  BT 09:10 20 Nov 2017

I replaced the batteries in my phones a while ago. The originals were AAA 550MaH ones and I replaced them with 800MaH ones which work fine and give a longer Standby/useage time. They sell sets of 3 which are supposed to be for phones and are expensive. I bought the appropriate number required in normal 4 packs which were considerably cheaper.

I charged them in my charger before installing to save time.

  Govan1x 09:58 20 Nov 2017

I am looking for similar ones ones BT AAAB 550MaH.

Prices are very high for the originals, probably very high for all of them.

Not settled on any of them yet. I was tempted with the 750 Mah ones but will keep looking to see if I can get the original ones a bit cheaper elsewhere.

You get some rediculas prices some charging £86 for two batteries.

Looks like they will have to be from eBay as they do the free delivery.

I was a bit worried about the higher vaultage batteries in case they damaged the phones.

I dont have a charger so will have to put them into the phone the way they are delivered.

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