Rechargeable Batteries

  Sapins 14:18 12 Jan 2004

Every rechargeable battery I have seems to discharge itself very quickly, my mobile phone battery is supposed to last 2 days it is flat after 1 day, the batteries in my digital camera do not last long, I have a rechargeable torch that discharges within minutes when in use, is it me or are these batteries like this?



  MidgetMan 14:35 12 Jan 2004

Are the batteries fully discharged before you put them onto charge?? most re-chargables work best if this is the case, you can get dischargers that do this for you, I have seen some battery charger units that have this feature built in. Try running them right down and then re-charge for the reccommended time.

  Jester2K 14:50 12 Jan 2004

Depends on the type of battery. Ni-Mh never need discharging whilst Ni-Cd suffer "battery memory" if charged when not discharged.

Can you supply more info such as the batteries you are using and the models of the devices you are using them in.

Might need new batteries.

  Sapins 15:46 12 Jan 2004

Damn-just finished typing in the details when the connection went down, again.

Hi MidgetMan and Jester2K, thanks for your replies. I am using Ni-Mh batteries in the Camera which is a Pentax optio230, the phone is an Ericsson (which I have had for 3yrs plus!)and the torch is an own product from a local DIY supplier.

I will discharge the batteries fully and try them again, hopefully this will solve the problem, if not it looks like a new battery for the phone at least.

  ©®@$? 15:59 12 Jan 2004

not much help but i have a kodak camera and have Ni-Mh rechargable batteries that came with the docking station, i had to take the docking station back, and get a replacement because of the camera reporting the batteries were low, even when i charged cut a long story short, i am now on my third set of rechargable batteries, straight out of the box and work fine, but apprently if i don't use my camera for a month the batteries play up as they have been,and they need reconditioning,well i tried the reconditing on the other two sets wchihc failed, so myquestion to kodak was,do i have to use the camera every month so the batteries stay alive!

  Stuartli 16:03 12 Jan 2004

You might need a higher capacity Ni-MH battery pack - you can get up to 2200Mah now; they just take a little longer to charge up.

I have a four year old Philips Savvy DB phone which is still powered by its original battery.

After five or six normal charges undertaken when it's starting to get a bit low (usually after two or three days), I then leave it on until the battery is practically flat.

I then recharge it with the phone still switched on until it is fully recharged again.

I've found that occasionally flattening the battery clearly extends its life expectancy and also the standby/talk times.

  Sapins 16:04 12 Jan 2004

Hi ©®@$? there isn't a docking station with my camera but I have noticed that the batteries run down if I don't use the camera, maybe Pentax can help, I'll have to contact them. Thanks for your input.

  Sapins 16:18 12 Jan 2004

Stuartli, I have just bought 1600 Ni-Mh batteries on friends advice, I'm spending more on batteries than paper :-( as to the phone I do leave it on until it switches itself off when the battery is discharged and then like you I plug it in switched on, doesn't help. I may buy the latest Ni-Mh 2200MaH's Thanks for your help though.

  scotty 17:02 12 Jan 2004

One point to note regarding battery chargers, most do not support the latest high capacity NiMH batteries (they do charge them but not to their full capacity).

  Sapins 17:52 12 Jan 2004

Hi scotty, I have just checked the charger and it says it supports Ni-Mh, thanks anyway



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