The recent viruses

  Cook2 00:49 31 Jan 2004

To get to the point and cut a long story short.

My resident PCcillin, Norton's and McAfee on-line checkers won't do what this one does click here

It's free for home use.

If you try it, or have tried it, what do you think? 01:00 31 Jan 2004

Will it work alongside ZoneAlarm? Also, would I have to dump AVG, which I have been using for ages?

  powerless 01:03 31 Jan 2004


"My resident PCcillin, Norton's and McAfee on-line checkers won't do what this one does"

  Cook2 01:06 31 Jan 2004

If you try to install with an existing AV it promps you to uninstall existing one because conflicts can arise. Not sure about Zone Alarm but maybe you would get a prompt for that too.

avast found two viruses on mine.

It's also got "Virus Recovery Database"


avast! creates an integrity database, i.e. it stores information about the actual state of the files, doing it three version back of each file. The database creation/maintenance is performed either when the computer is idle, or when the screen-saver is running (any screen-saver, not only the avast! one). This database, once it is created, is updated each three weeks (this value may be changed by editing avast4.ini).
If any file is infected by a virus, it is possible to repair it, i.e. turn it to its original state. If there are multiple versions of the file in the database, you can choose which version you want to restore.

  Gaz 25 01:06 31 Jan 2004

Avast is an excellent free antivirus solution.

Infact it scores well in most tests, such as the VB and ones I have conducted myself.

The virus scanner is fast, reliable and decent. However it is not an online scanner, you actually download, install and run it, which is the best as it protects yuor PC 24/7 where as online scanners dont.

It will work alongside Zonealarm, as Zonealarm is a different story, it is a firewall. This is antivirus.

You will have to dump AVG, as yuo should NEVER run two antivirus systems alongside each other.

Avast is a great alternative to AVG.

For more information on the latest viruses: click here

  Cook2 01:08 31 Jan 2004

I cut a long story short Powerless, I knew what I meant. I think! Bit late, long day, tired etc.:)

  Gaz 25 01:08 31 Jan 2004

Most decent antivirus systems will be able to stip out the infection from the files, instead of having to go through back-ups to replace them.

  Cook2 01:14 31 Jan 2004

My PCcillin found a virus but couldn't quarantine it. Norton's found 2 but couldn't get rid of them, and McAfee's found none.

Avast found two and I was prompted to delete and it killed off both.

Yep, I like it.

Lucky Gaz 25 is awake, he's saying it all. Thank goodness for Night Hawks.

  Gaz 25 01:15 31 Jan 2004


Avast is excellent, if you like it. Install it. 02:13 31 Jan 2004

AVG hasn't let me down yet, don't like to part with it.

Anyone else got any views on Avast?

  ianeon 06:21 31 Jan 2004

I read the reviews, at CNet, about this programme, all of them say it doesn't work with XPPro. Can anyone confirm this ?

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