Recent Reinstall of WindowsXP - can't get sound

  Newuser1542 12:47 28 Jul 2006

Tried the obvious like leads, any mutes. Motherboard has onboard sound. Reinstalled drivers. KuDoz 7-A motherboard with Standard AC 97 Codec interface. VIA AC97 Audio controller was the name of the drivers I installed

  Stuartli 13:13 28 Jul 2006

Is onboard sound Enabled in the Bios?

Otherwise the latest drivers from the onboard chipset chipset manufacturer may be the answer.

C-Media and Realtek are the two main suppliers.

  woodchip 13:16 28 Jul 2006

Have you first checked it's not mutted? double click the speaker in Sys Tray. Next if that's OK Check Device MAnager for yellow icons, if you see them uninstall it and restart computer

  Newuser1542 14:05 28 Jul 2006

Thanks StuartLi

I looked yesterday. It is set to automatic. The other option is diabled. So I presume its enabled. I will try later to update the driver

  Newuser1542 14:10 28 Jul 2006

I used to have one in my system tray. Its not there any more. Thats part of the problem.
I have no conflicts related to sound or audio in my device manager

  woodchip 15:05 28 Jul 2006

As Above If you look in Device Manager You will see that Drivers are not loaded For onboard Sound

  Stuartli 15:25 28 Jul 2006

have you also checked Sound and Audio Devices in Control Panel?

There are two check boxes that are of particular interest - one is Mute and the other is for a Volume taskbar icon.

Sometimes the Mute box "acquires" a tick, a remnant of using the Mute button in, for instance, WMP or a TV card sounds features.

  Newuser1542 15:30 28 Jul 2006

These are the entries under Sound, video and game controllers
Audio Codecs
Legacy video capture devices
Legacy audioo devices
Media Control devices
MPU 401 Compatible MIDI devices
Standard Game Port
Uni Mode Half Duplex Audio Device
VIA AC97 Audio Controller (WDM) i installed this from Motherboard disc
Video Codecs

  Newuser1542 15:40 28 Jul 2006


Yes going into Audio and sound Control Panel
I now have a speaker icon in my sytem tray. But still no sound

  Giggsy252 16:38 28 Jul 2006

have u tried different output sources e.g headphones to make sure its not any faulty wires?

  Newuser1542 17:03 28 Jul 2006


Haven't got suitable headphone.
But I've discovered the microphone will speak through it. So dont think it is the wires. Thanks

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