recent MS update disables start up

  fly 09:39 23 Jan 2010

I downloaded (automatically) update for Vista MA-10-002. After shutdown, laptop won't boot up. Anyone else had this problem?

Good job I have an XP desktop as well!

  chub_tor 09:49 23 Jan 2010

Will it boot into Safe Mode?

  fly 12:19 23 Jan 2010

Sorry for delay-had to go out.
If I press F2 I get into a Set up facility. Under "Boot" it has boot priority order. Can't see anything about safe mode.I can change the order, but don't know which one to put first If you want a list I will supply it, 8 items

  Sea Urchin 12:50 23 Jan 2010

For safe mode try tapping F8 as booting

  fly 16:01 23 Jan 2010

Firefox download delayed my reply!

Got a list of options including Safe Mode; tried this and it returned me to Windows Error Reporting. Tried several other options such as Last Known Configuration and Debugging Mode, but same result. Just ends up in a loop returning me to WER, scans and then closes. System Restore won't recognise that I have a complete backup on a partition of the hard drive, so I can't even restore a backup.

  scotty 16:04 23 Jan 2010

Do you use GRUB bootloader? This article describes a problem seen after a Windows update - click here

  fly 17:27 23 Jan 2010

I don't use Grub, just MS Vista. I typed a long answer explaining in detail all the options I have tried, to no avail. But my connection failed just as I was about to send it. I don't have the time to type it all out again.I will just add: at the time this download KB978207 was installing on the Vista laptop, it was also installing on this computer I am now using, XP desktop. It is an upgrade to IE7. Could this have been installed on a Vista machine at the same time? Fuinny I don't use IE only Firefox!

  chub_tor 11:03 24 Jan 2010

This update seems to have given lots of people a problem, although none quite so drastic as yours, but on of the pages I got from Google this link click here to the Microsoft Support Line has helped some of them.

When you say that you have a complete backup of your partition, how did you create that? Is it a clone of the drive, a data backup?

  fly 16:21 24 Jan 2010

Acer laptop- has a recovery management facility which backs up an image file to a partition on the Hard Disk which is designated drive D. I have made a full back with incremental backups from day one, the incremental backups periodically made when data changes by a designated amount.
I will look at the Support Line soon

  fly 16:23 24 Jan 2010

Incidentally I thought that Vista made a Restore Point automatically, so why is the System Repair Option recovery tool saying that no restore points have ever been made?

  chub_tor 09:21 25 Jan 2010

System Restore can get turned off but you will need to be back up and running to find out if it has been, You need to look in System Properties, System Protection Tab and check that Protection Settings show that System Resore is turned ON.

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