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  hiwatt 17:48 11 Jul 2013

Hi folks,with this months updates I had 7 for .NET framework.I've never really understood exactly why these are needed other than "some" programs wont work without them?This month there is updates for .NET framework 1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5,and 4.Do we really need all these and does this mean if you are being offered them that you have all these different "versions" installed? I'm just wondering what other folk do?Do you just install them all?I don't want to install them all if they aren't needed?Any advice is appreciated.Thanks.

  john bunyan 18:06 11 Jul 2013

I always install updates including .Net Framework. I believe a number of software programmes need it. A slightly obscure explanation:

.NET framework

  hiwatt 18:56 11 Jul 2013

Why all the different versions though?

  alanrwood 18:58 11 Jul 2013

Some 3rd party programs need a specific version of .net to work.

  Batch 08:40 12 Jul 2013

Firstly, the .Net Framework moniker is somewhat misleading as it suggests that it is related networks or the Internet when it isn't really.

Put simply, a lot of software developers use capabilities within .NET in order to obviate developing commonly used capabilities from scratch. In principle it makes sense. But, IMHO, .NET (esp. with all its variants) is unwieldy. It is very large and seems to require an awful lot of updates.

As far as I can tell, the numerous variants are often required because the later versions are not (entirely) backwards compatible. So a certain piece of installed software may require .NET 1.1 even though it is years old.

I believe that the later versions (e.g. 3.5.1 and 4) have made a better stab at being backwards compatible, but by no means perfect.

It seems that there is no easy way to determine which versions you really need (or can get rid of). So one's system gets clagged up with potentially redundant software (Microsoft don't seem to care a hoot about this). If you start from a clean system and only install versions that specific programs you install require, you would (might) only have what you need.

I have WinXP on a number of machines without any versions of .NET (as nothing installed on these requires it).

Installing Win7 seems to install .NET 3.5.1 by default. I guess Win8 must install at least one version as well.

  alanrwood 09:32 12 Jul 2013

I agree with Batch that .net is too large and fragmented. It definitely has too many versions and in my experience programs that utilise it are slow to load. Unfortunately we have no option as this is at the behest of the programmer.

  hiwatt 10:04 12 Jul 2013

So there's no real way to determine what updates to install and what ones to "hide"? Do the folk here with Win7 usually install all the .net updates that are offered?It does seem like a lot to me too and I just get the feeling that I don't really need them all?Thanks folks.

  alanrwood 11:37 12 Jul 2013

You have the choice to not use .net if that is what you want. I suppose that you can uninstall them all and wait to see if it affects any of your programs and re-install if necessary. However to me that sound a bit like work for work's sake. Leaving them all installed and updated does no harm as they are only used when needed. Bothersome but practical.

  john bunyan 13:10 12 Jul 2013

"Do the folk here with Win7 usually install all the .net updates that are offered?" See my reply of 6.06 yesterday. Yes. I do not know why exactly, but does it matter? As long as everything works, the amount of space used is minimal.Does installing them all cause you any problems?

  hiwatt 15:55 12 Jul 2013

@john bunyan No they haven't caused me any problems.I just wonder if everything Microsoft "offers" in their updates are really needed and especially with these as there is so many of them(different versions too)and it's not even clear exactly what programs require them to work?I too have always installed them all but just thought about yesterday before installing them all.I have however installed them all now.Thanks.

  iscanut 16:50 12 Jul 2013

I have Win 7 and like others, just resign myself to letting them all download and install. Not worth the bother trying to work out what to keep or ignore.

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