Recent CPU temp increase

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 19:04 01 Jun 2003

I have an AMD XP2000+ which came supplied in a box with an approved fan/heatsink.

Since returning from holiday yesterday, I have noted that the CPU operating temperature has risen by about 8-10C, which I have put down to the very hot weather. The temperature rose aove 77C when my son was playing a game causing the AsusProbe alarm to sound. As I write, the temp is 67C, about 7-8c above normal.

Althogh I realise that room temperature can have an imnpact, is it normal for such an incrase in temperature give the hot wather in London.

I have been considering replacing my existing heatsink/fan and would welcome any suggestions as to which one to buy. I have been looking at the more expensive Coolermaste offerings but these seem rather large and I am concerned that they could cause damage to the processor or motherboard due to their weight.

Sorry, that should have read "given the hot weather in London".

Think the heat has go to me too :)-

  Rayuk 19:55 01 Jun 2003

Way too high,
Do you mean the new Aero7 if so dont worry there is the added security that this is held on by all 3 lugs either side.
click here

Thanks for the reply, Rayuk.

The idle temp is usually 58-60C, which I believe is fine as the max temp is about 90C for the XP 2000+. 67C is rather high though but do you think that this can be put down purely to the recent hot weather?

With regard the the fan/heatsink, I don't recall the model name but I do know that some have three lugs. I have read somewhere on this forum that some models can potentially crush the CPU core and this is something I am concerned aoubt.

Also, would anyone recomend applying some thermal paste before installing a new fan as I know from recent posts on here that this can invalidate AMD's warranty.

  rickf 21:46 01 Jun 2003

It does seem a bit on the high side even w/o the hot weather at present.. If you add the core temp of about 10 -15 degrees, your cpu is almost reaching the limit. Why not take it out and give it a good clean. Perhaps the old cooling paste needs to be cleaned off and a new dosage applied properly.

  rickf 21:51 01 Jun 2003

Sorry that should read thermal not "cooling". Perhaps the hot weather is getting to me.

  MartinT-B 21:58 01 Jun 2003

Mine went up 10C from 38 to 48C at one point yesterday, and I have 6 fans in/on my PC.

  mrdsgs 22:07 01 Jun 2003

try the zalman flower cooler

a very different concept and it keeps my xp2400+
idling at 36C and around 41C under load. the weather makes at most +/- 2C difference. £35.00 for hearsink and fan (which is virtually silent)

what is your motherbaord temp?

you may have an airflow issue to resolve with case fans and/or tidying internal cables or even space behind your pc case for hot air to escape.

where is it positioned?


  Valvegrid 22:15 01 Jun 2003

As rickf says a good clean wouldn't go amiss, you'd be suprised the amount of dust that collects in a very sort time, we're always cleaning the filters in the electronic equipment at work, that's what you get for working in the big smoke!

Thanks for replies.

The motherboard temp is around 30C. It used to be around 40C until I fitted a second case fan. Before the hot weather, it was around 26-27C.

The system is positioned on a workstation.

The case is rather small so there may be airflow issues. I also have a Radeon 9700 card fitted. This seems to be a rather large card compared to my Geeforece 2 GTS.

One poinf ot interest is that the BIOS shows a much lower temperature than the Asusprobe monitor. When I checekd yesterday, the BIOS reported 53C whereas Asusprobr reported 68C. Whcich is the more reliable for reporting an accurant figure?

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