Receiving virus in emails

  zoobie 04:50 23 Oct 2008

Hi -
I'm getting viruses emailed to me every week from someone obviously disgruntled about something. My AVG anti-virus program removes the hidden .exe and puts it into the virus vault. The vault has 14 such viruses in it. Is there a way to actually find out who's send these to me? Also, when using Outlook Express, you're basically forced to open the email even though I can see it's spam. Fortunately, the virus has been removed by AVG by then.


  eedcam 05:42 23 Oct 2008

Why are you forced to open the email you only get that if you are using the preview pane which is unwise

  estabond 07:41 23 Oct 2008

I use Mailwasher which enables you to delete messages which you identify as spam before any download to your machine.

  zoobie 07:54 23 Oct 2008

I think Mailwasher is only good for 1 account...I've 6
I'll try not using the preview pane
How about finding out who's sending it?
Thanks again

  Halmer 08:11 23 Oct 2008

you could download and use Thunderbird which is a lot more functional than OE when it comes to message filtering.

I too have started to receive e-mails with viruses for some reason so it's not just you. I've recently started to view all of my e-mail accounts through which is excellent for picking out viruses.

  tiscalitrev 09:40 23 Oct 2008

The original versions of Mailwasher could support more than one email account. I use version 1.33 (which I think is still available if you google it)and I have 4 accounts. I think mailwasher is excellent.

  zoobie 21:26 23 Oct 2008

Thanks all
Is there a way to find who's send these? I'm sure the header has probably been faked...I'm guessing no because it would have been mentioned by now.
Thanks again

  brundle 21:43 23 Oct 2008

Definitely change to TBird, OE is so far behind the times in every respect, security and spam/phishing management are non-existent.

Download this click here, look at the source of the header, paste the whole lot into the program - it will show what servers the email passed through but almost the entire header can be spoofed so it may be of limited use.

  zoobie 00:13 24 Oct 2008

I useed that IPNetinfo. It says success but points to a legit cable company in Minnisota, USA complete with some guys name and email.
How do I know this is correct and not a wild goose chase?

  brundle 00:19 24 Oct 2008

It won't be the person in question if they've hidden their email address. Each server it is sent through will have been registered with Nominet and contact details are provided for the person responsible for that site,server or range of addresses. Not the individual who sent the email. You might want to read this as spam is full of forged headers; click here

  zoobie 00:58 24 Oct 2008

I read the forged headers page you posted. My take is that they use a misconfigured server when doing this. Seems like a dead end. I wonder if I should contact the legit cable company and tell them someone's using their server to distribute viruses.

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