Receiving SPAM from myself

  ranch 14:34 04 Dec 2008

I have been receiving SPAM on a regular basis (4/5 times a day at least) sent from my own email address.
Does this mean I have been taken over by a remote spammer? Is there any way of stopping this or getting rid of it?
I have been deleting it on receipt without opening the emails.
Any advice?

  FreeCell 14:48 04 Dec 2008

Sounds like email spoofing where the address of the email is changed by the sender to appear to come from another address. See wikipedia for more explanation. click here

What antivirus/malware scanners do you use? Firewall on should prevent outgoing spam.If used and updated regularly then unlikely you have been taken over by a "Zombie"
click here for more information on steps you should take.

  ranch 16:42 04 Dec 2008

Thanks yrs.
I have the MS Vista firewall, Protected Mode ON, Router firewall, and scan regularly with AVG free.
There are no signs of alien emails from my Sent box.
If I clicked on "reply to" one of these emails would the address of origin come up as mine or the real one if it is spoof? Or is it advisable not to click on it?

  FreeCell 16:47 04 Dec 2008

I wouldn't click on it. If you are using webmail then no harm at all will come as email never reaches your PC. If you have Outlook then you can try a right click on the email and select "Options". This will display, amongst other things, the email header where you will find details of the to, from and reply-to addresses.

  ranch 17:11 04 Dec 2008

I'm using Outlook. I've deleted them all now so will have to wait for next one to come up, then I'll try your suggestion. Will let you know.

  Quiet Life 17:26 04 Dec 2008

Is it original spam or spam being returned to you?
If it is spam being returned to you it is being sent by somebody else and your e-mail address used as the return address.
Not much you can do about this but it will stop when who ever is sending it out becomes aware of what is happening.

  chub_tor 17:29 04 Dec 2008

I have suffered from the same problem occasionally and ended up buying Mailwasher Pro so that I could delete them before they are downloaded. If you have only one POP3 account Mailwasher free will be sufficient. click here

  ranch 17:35 04 Dec 2008

Tks yrs.
It appears to be original SPAM. They are usually different contents or blank with a "click here" box to view pictures or website. I have never clicked on the box, just deleted them.

  ranch 17:40 04 Dec 2008

Tks yrs.
I just have Outlook and Yahoo. It is just coming thru on the Outlook account. I've had a look at yr Mailwasher Free and looks good - will keep it in mind for now and use if necessary.

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