Receiving Spam.

  heavymetalkid 21:35 30 May 2006

I've recently begun to receive spam from some twerps calling themselves Amerossi Intl Group, offering me stocks and shares advice. As I'm a grizzled heavy metal loving rock'n'rolling superranuated yobbo,and the most unlikely person in the western hemisphere to dabble in bonds(blondes yeah....bonds negative)I'm confused about why these idiots are wasting there time with me. The messages themselves are a meaningless load of semantics relating to unknown companies, but containing nothing to sell me anything at all. The senders names are always different and's was "Geoffrey Gonzalez". Anyone know anything about these idiots?

  VoG II 21:36 30 May 2006

No. But try using Mailwasher click here

Delete, don't bounce.

  palinka 21:53 30 May 2006

These mails may not even be addressed to you. Spammers fire them off at random to allsorts of addresses so that if your name is Wilson @someisp they may be addressed to [email protected]; or williams; or wilks; or anything else beginning wil.You can train Mailwasher to deliver only mail addressed to Wilson. You can usually do the same with your own ISP - look for "filters" and you can set up all sorts including preventing the delivery of anything with (say) "stocks" or "bonds" in the subject line. I've set filters of this kind in my ISP account and also in Mailwasher. It reduces the spam considerably, but you'll never keep out 100% of it.

  terryf 23:45 30 May 2006

Of course you can always set OE to 'block sender' by clicking on the offending mesage then going to Messages>Block sender

  heavymetalkid 23:53 30 May 2006

Thanks Gents, Terryf...they change their name with each new message.

  terryf 23:56 30 May 2006

Ok, if there is any similarity in the sender name or the content, set up a mail rule so that messages containing ?? are either deleted or sent to a particular inbox folder that you can create called Spam

  rawprawn 07:43 31 May 2006

I have exaxtly the same problem, I think from the same people. Eventually I set up new email addresses, told everybody that needed to know and abandoned the old one to the spammers. No more problems!!

  Enoch 08:23 31 May 2006

I have had your Spam problem and have reduced it to a minimum by, firstly, downloading "MailWasher" which worked pretty good, but more particularly, I contacted (on advice) my ISP. They put (for free) mail filters on my account which will NOT allow emails through if the return address is not accessible. Secondly, they have also only let the other emails through if the emails have my EXACT email because I noticed that a lot of Spam emails did not carry my exact address.

This was all done a week ago and the difference is that I use to get 40 Spams a day and now it is less than 4

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