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  Deniset 08:15 24 Nov 2006

Some of my emails are taking 6 hours to receive. I am on broadband and yesterday a friend sent a text email at lunch time and I did not receive it until 8pm.Recently had loads of emails from postmasters saying they could not deliver my emails (whichI never sent) I have run a virus cleaner programme which did not detect anything, but everything is slowing down. Have just downloaded and tried to run a defrag programm, but an error was encountered and that had to close too!
Any answers would be gratefully received, but Im not technical

  recap 09:20 24 Nov 2006

You could download and run Ccleaner if you click here

This will help clean any unwanted files, Cookies, Temp Internet files etc. Also remember to empty your Recycle Bin as this can slow your system down.

Do you use Outlook Express, Outlook or a web base email client?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:22 24 Nov 2006

Who provides your email? Freeserve, Tiscali, BT etc?

The undeliverable email could be the result of someone scamming your address - they generally die away after a couple of days as the address gets added to blacklist filters around the world.

That could also explain why your mail is slow in getting through - maybe being checked by filters.

  Deniset 09:43 24 Nov 2006

Thanks for this I will try ccleaner. I am on wanadoo and using outlook express, always clearing out recycle bin.
Everything seems to be slow, opening prgrammes etc, so another point really could I buy an external hard drive - would this help with some of the storage (my grandchildren have some purchased Big Fish games on my pc

  Diodorus Siculus 10:39 24 Nov 2006

An external disk would be helpful for storing files - but it will not really help with the general slowness of the machine.

Check what is running at startup and what can be disabled. click here for a list of what is necessary and what can be disabled.

  Deniset 13:10 24 Nov 2006

many thanks for all the help given

  Deniset 14:09 24 Nov 2006

Have been browsing through and looking for tips to speed up computer. So have downloaded a programme to clean up the registery, but it only fixes 20 problems and there are many others, should I buy the full version?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:26 24 Nov 2006

No need; try the registry cleaner within CCleaner - it is more than adequate

  Deniset 15:03 24 Nov 2006

thanks for this, has saved me some dosh

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