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Receiving email attachments as winmail.dat ...HELP

  revsurgical 05:10 18 Jan 2017

Whenever I receive emails from one particular email domain (there are several people that regularly send me emails from this domain), the attachments come through as a single winmail.dat file rather than the actual PDF, XLS, etc, files.

This happens on all devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and my colleagues Samsung and Laptop) and mail software (currently using Outlook, but have tried Apple Mail and same issue).

The only way to retrieve the attachments is to login to the online server/host and then either download from there or forward the email to myself, in which case they come through fine.

Emails with attachments sent from any other domain are fine, just this particular one is having the issue.

Please help!!!!

  difarn 13:03 18 Jan 2017

It could be because the senders are sending messags in Rich Text format instead of Plain Text format.

click here

  revsurgical 20:55 18 Jan 2017

Thanks for the reply!

We've actually tried the method of having the sender change the email format and this still hasn't worked. Also having googled the issue in the past, this seems to be the fix for the majority of cases but hasn't worked for us!

It's just interesting that it has never been an issue from other senders using Outlook - it only occurs from this one particular email client. Someone mentioned it could have something to do with the difference in security levels between the sender and our email server, but not being someone who is overly technically proficient, I wasn't sure if this was a possibility?

  difarn 21:49 19 Jan 2017

Did you try the suggestion in item 4 of the article where you change the settings on your PC to convert the attachment?

It could be that the sender(s) from this particular domain have HTML disabled for security.

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