Received Instagram videos not playing

  compumac 19:15 27 Nov 2016

Why should Instagram videos received by relative not play when everything else on the laptop does play? Photos received from the same source are perfectly OK. Videos just show black with no sound.

  compumac 19:43 28 Nov 2016


  compumac 18:06 29 Nov 2016

Bump 1?

  compumac 19:43 30 Nov 2016

Anyone there?

  compumac 08:41 02 Dec 2016

Final Bump and then I will go away - albeit despondent at no answers.

  compumac 11:06 04 Dec 2016

Must try once more as relative is constantly nagging me.



  rdave13 11:32 04 Dec 2016

Could be a Flash problem. Try right clicking the video, settings and uncheck ,enable hardware acceleration' if the option is there.

  compumac 13:09 04 Dec 2016


Thanks for reply. I have the videos on my PC's which play OK for me and it is my relative who has the problem.

I have asked him to look at this and come back to me.

Thanks again.

  compumac 15:27 04 Dec 2016


Trying to help relative over the phone is difficult at the best of times and this is one of them.

There does not appear to be a settings option when right clicking on the video.

  rdave13 16:15 04 Dec 2016

Check javascript is enabled. Control panel, internet opions, security tab, under Internet click on Custom level... , now you can scroll down to scripting and set up the PC the same as yours or check Medium-high is selected in the Reset to box , click on Reset, click yes, then OK then Apply. See if that works.

  rdave13 16:18 04 Dec 2016

PS worth restarting the PC afterwards.

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