Received e mails are having image attachments in..

  TonyV 20:40 09 Mar 2006

body of the message.

I know there is a way of stopping this happening, but recently, I have received two e mails from my lads each with images attached. The images are also showing in the body of the message.

I have sent a message to myself with an image and that one does as it is supposed to. i.e. come as an attachment with nothing in the body of the message.

This link click here asked the same question, but there was no real answer to it.

I seem to remember that there was a key in the Registry that sorted this niggly little problem, but as ever, cannot remember what it was. The main problem with the images showing in the body of the message is that if you print the message, you get all the images as well, which in itself can be a wee bit of a pain!

Any one any ideas?



  TonyV 20:49 09 Mar 2006

It pays to check old answers that have been typed from way back when!!

The answer to the question is this:-

Got to Start/run and type REGEDIT

Navigate to: HKEY CURRENT USER\Identities\{long number}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0
Right click in Right Pane and select NEW.

Select DWORD and click OK

It will create a new value with data of 0x00000000(0)

Change name to: Automatically Inline Images

Set it 0 (zero) to suppress the images.

Johnnyrocker may well want to have a look at this since his question is on the link above.


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