Receive telephone calls while on the internet ?

  CLONNEN 12:23 27 Dec 2004

Does anyone know of any software which can notify the internet user that someone is trying to telephone them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 27 Dec 2004
  spuds 17:06 27 Dec 2004

Why not just purchase a telephone, and connect this to your system.You then have the option in answering the phone when it rings. Makes life much easier.

  spuds 17:09 27 Dec 2004

But of course, this will depend on whether you have dial-up,ADSL or broadband.Just a thought though.

  CLONNEN 17:27 27 Dec 2004

I am using a dial-up internet connection.

Callers currently get asked to leave a message on the BT Answer 1571 message service when the internet connection is in use.

Unfortunately the messages can't be checked until the internet connection is disconnected.

If anyone knows of a way to be notified of phone calls when on the internet I would be grateful.

  CLONNEN 17:33 27 Dec 2004

On Christmas Eve we were allowed to leave work earlier than usual.

I tried to telephhone my parents to come and pick me up but all I got was the engaged tone and then the BT Answer service. I left a message on it asking to be picked up at 3 o clock but unfortunately the message didn't get heard until 3.15pm. Fifteen minutes after I had asked to picked up.

In the meantime I had begged a lift from one of my colleagues to get home since I didn't have a clue when my parents would receive the message I had left.

It turned out that my younger siblings were on the internet most of the afternoon. I had told my parents to expect a phone call because I knew there was a chance we'd be let out of work early but unfortunately they didn't keep the kids off the computer.

  CLONNEN 17:42 27 Dec 2004

I have heard a rumour that v92 modems have a feature called "modem on hold" but I think you need to be subscribed to BT's Call Waiting service.

Do they also have a "Disconnect if someone tries to call in" feature of some kind?

  Graham ® 17:57 27 Dec 2004

V92 modems do indeed have a modem on hold facility. Unfortunately, not many ISPs support it. The only one I know is 1stNet

click here

  Dorsai 18:51 27 Dec 2004

In this day of mobile phones & BB, i guess most ISP dont see the need for the facility. If the phone is in use on dial up, they sort-of expect that the house being called will have a mobile (or in the case of my sister, 4, one each family member), and if it's BB, then the phone will ring any way.

Sorry, but i guess this is why it's hard to do. Most people dont see a need to be able to do it.

  CLONNEN 19:02 27 Dec 2004

My sister has a mobile phone but she only has it switched on when she goes out. Useless for me calling home.

My parents don't believe in mobile phones. They say they wouldn't know how to use one. They won't touch DVD players or computers either. Plus they don't own a credit card.

  Beas-Knees 21:35 27 Dec 2004

Try one of these, I used one all the time before i got broadband. click here

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