receipt for e mails

  1dave2 17:18 10 Sep 2003

A friend sent me an e mail requesting a receipt. When I clicked on "Yes" it said"Unable to send a receipt". I went to the tools-options-and receipt tab and found everything checked in order to send a receipt. But no joy. Im running XP. Anyone any idea's?

Thanks in advance,


  Forum Editor 18:23 10 Sep 2003

that you are referring to Outlook Express, and that you have selected the option for OE to notify you when a read receipt has been requested?

For this to work, you must open the email,it's not enough simply to preview it in the preview pane - did you do that?

I hate requests for read receipts, I never send them, and personally don't see the point of them. It's almost as if the sender thinks I may have some reason to deny having received the email.

  -pops- 18:29 10 Sep 2003

I agree with the FE's last paragraph to a large extent but, I have found that a lot of business contacts - especially ones that owe me something - are very lax about answering emails. They don't send read receipts either so it makes them something of a waste of time.

What I do use is click here which sends me a message when and email has been opened by the recipient. Unlike a read receipt, no action is required on their part.

  Mango Grummit 18:31 10 Sep 2003

Well OK FE but you are in business. For certain most business do not reply to e-mails in my experience, except when a pending order is on the cards of course.

However I agree, not trusting business is a different matter altogether than not trusting friends.

They say that no one can have more than five friends. Of course you can have more than five people you are friendly with.

Idave2, is this person a friend or a person you are friendly with? I think I know the answer!

  spuds 23:10 10 Sep 2003

Would suggest that you use or recommend to others, pops link for msgtag.

  Way1 23:27 10 Sep 2003

Just downloaded msgtag. Thanks -pops- seems a great little tool.

  Switcher 23:52 10 Sep 2003

I have my mailer set up to request receipts.

No one is obliged to tick the relevant box.

I am surprised to note that people get uptight about such a trivial matter.

  -pops- 06:30 11 Sep 2003

Some people DO get uptight about it, though. I think it may be due to them having to carry out some extra little thing that they consider isn't necessary.

The MSGTAG system I linked to avoids the recipient having to do anything extra and you get the peace of mind that your message has at least been opened - even if subsequently ignored!!


  keith-236785 10:20 11 Sep 2003

just a point, if you have two accounts with different ISPs set up in outlook express (as i do) you can only send a reciept to the isp you are connected to (same as trying to reply to an e-mail) you need to be connected to the relevent isp.

might just answer your original question

  1dave2 16:41 11 Sep 2003

Crikey!! I've opened up the proverbial tin there!
Thanks for the discussion guys, and thanks for the link to msgtag Pops. I have downloaded it and will give it a go.

Cheers, Dave

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