rebuilt PC - poor performance

  Aristocatman 22:35 20 May 2007

I recently rebuilt my PC with new Asroc 4 Core dual VSTA motherboard & Intel Core 2 DuoE6300 processor I reused my ATI 256Mb 9550 graphics card & ATA hard drive ram is 1Gb single channel DDR2 PC 6300. Problem is performance is disappointing. its slower than the original setup a P4 2.0 Gb processor with 512 Mb ram. in fact my old faithful P3 833Mb with a 128 Mb ATI 9550 Graphics card is just as quick.(they sit side by side so easy to compare. both are running Windows XP Pro, network is 1Gbs. I've run the usual checks no funnies or high CPU usage just bl**dy slow. I'm stumped on this one or are these dual core machines not as fast as they are claimed?

  marsman 22:42 20 May 2007

I built a new machine to run Vista, duel core with Asroc Motherboard. It was a massive difference over my Athlon XP3200 +. you mention you are running XP, just a thought, make sure you are not running in PIO mode, go to device manager look in IDE primary device and make sure its displaying UDMA Mode 5, NOT PIO Mode.

  Totally-braindead 22:42 20 May 2007

I suppose you have installed the motherboard drivers? If not XP will install its own generic ones which may slow things up.
Just a thought.

  skidzy 22:43 20 May 2007

I think your ram is the problem here,

Dual Channel DDR/DDRII memory technology
- 2 x DDRII DIMM slots
- Supports DDRII667/533
- Max. capacity: 2GB
- 2 x DDR DIMM slots
- Supports DDR400/333/266

Though it should run backward compatible.

  Aristocatman 23:24 20 May 2007

running in UDMA mode 5, pretty sure I loaded drovers from supplied disk but will check as I had some problems with the motherboard I will also check spec of memory as I thought I bought the fastest it supported. It is DDR11 667 can't find delivery note to check - I'll look tomorrow (yawn) past my bedtime!

  Totally-braindead 23:27 20 May 2007

Also check in the BIOS that the FSB is set to the correct speed for your processor. If its set too low it will run like its in treacle - very slow.

  skidzy 23:31 20 May 2007

click here

Your board i believe.

  Aristocatman 12:56 21 May 2007

Yes skidzy thats my board!

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