Rebuild Windows 98SE System

  caro456 11:24 23 Feb 2007

One of my computers currently runs the above OS, and we use it mainly to play old games that I cant get to run on an xp system - even in compatability mode. I need to replace the motherboard and cpu, and would like to use up to date components, as its virtually impossible and expensive to source direct replacements. Has anyone done this recently? Can you reccomend a specific motherboard? I understand there is sometimes a problem with the neccessary drivers, but although I have looked at a few motherboard manufacturers sites, I cant seem to find this information.

  brundle 11:27 23 Feb 2007

You can still get Duron CPUs from Ebuyer along with SocketA boards. click here

Cheap and cheerful, if not up-to-date.

  ed-0 11:29 23 Feb 2007

What cpu ( processor ), memory and graphics card ( if any ) are you going to use?

Or are you going to get a new motherboard, cpu and memory?

  caro456 11:32 23 Feb 2007

Thats exactly what I'm looking for, looks like I can do this for around £50 now! Thanks.

  caro456 11:37 23 Feb 2007

The AMD Duron 1600 will do me - its an increase on what I've got, and the ASRock mobo is looking good on brundles link. I have an AGP graphics card - sapphire radeon 9550 which I ordered a few weeks ago and then didn't need, so hopefully that will go in as well, and a 400W power supply which I recently took out of another computer to upgrade. I'm hoping that I can use the existing drives and case. Can anyone forsee any problems I may have with this set up?

  2neat 12:20 23 Feb 2007

Why not download free MS virtual PC?
You could then install 98SE & run your old software!

cost = nowt.

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