reboots / freezes when i start a game

  xxismokeyixx 20:25 11 Jan 2014

So i installed the new final fantasy Realm reborn, not really a taxing game on any hardware inside my pc compared to playing battlefields, but when i first fire up the machine in the morning/ night time and go to play the game it will crash/freeze after five minutes of play the only way is to turn it off at the wall and load it back up this will happen 4-5 times in a row then it will be fine and i can play for the rest of the day.

So on occasion it would give me lines across the screen of different colours amd hd 6900 series graphics card, and i would have to turn it off back on but mostly just freezes. I brought a new HDD installed that last night and put in my drivers everything was going well, i played some FF it was ok. this morning i turn the pc on it crashes and is unable to load windows, a quick reboot and its fine. i then get the issue i was having before reinstalled windows crashing five minutes into a game reboot a few times of crashing eventually i get to play for as long as i like.

If i go to my computer right click it tells me my specs, after i installed windows it said i had 4.00 gig ram today after all the crashes and messing around it now says 4 gig ram (2 gig usable), i have stress tested the processor amd phenom x 4 960 T and it didnt crash, i stress tested my graphics card on super high settings for 15 minutes it achieved a steady 29fps using 95% of the GPU and fans at 85% constant temp of 90 degrees, didnt crash........... i have no idea whats making my pc crash or why i only have 2 gig ram usable. i know my motherboard sound card has failed some time ago but has worked fine since its only in the last month or so of getting final fantasy that it has this problem

  rdave13 21:26 11 Jan 2014

First thing to not do is turn off the 'mains' to re-set the PC. Just hold in the on/off switch on the PC to safely shut down.

Lines on screen indicate, to me, that the GPU card is failing or not getting enough power. Ram not being seen fully could also be not getting enough power. Stress testing the CPU and GPU individually really means nothing as the PSU isn't working hard enough.

90c for card is too high so internals need dust removal.

In my humble opinion it could be the PSU either failing or not up to the job.

Internals need to be cleaned of dust build-up.

  xxismokeyixx 21:34 11 Jan 2014

tomorrow i will give it a clean out, is there anyway to find out what the issue could be more specifically,some of the components in my pc are still covered under warranty but obviously i cant just send them all back as they from the same shop, the psu is 750 watt if i recal

  rdave13 21:40 11 Jan 2014

xxismokeyixx not really and that is the problem. See how it runs after the clean, check the GPU temps, and if ok and still problems, I can only think of a PSU problem.

Hopefully someone else will add their thoughts on this.

  nickf 21:59 11 Jan 2014

I think Dave is guiding you the right way . Either your psu is starting to fail , or you have a loose connection . I would perform a complete strip and clean of PC , carefully reseating all cards and ram . Once this has been done , then a more accurate assessment can be done . I know this can be tedious , but it is the best way to proceed and get the correct diagnosis.

  xxismokeyixx 12:13 13 Jan 2014

on my computer it was showing that i had 4gig ram usable, few million crashes later and it says 2 gig usable and then everything works fine till the next time i reboot over 12 hours, i take the graphics out and i suddenly have 3.75gig usable and the computer seems to work fine and handy again using onboard graphics

the pc is pretty much dust free right now, the place i purchased my Graphics card from have offered to have it back for testing, but this is at the price of postage to myself talking around 30 pound if they deem it to be not faulty as i will have to pay return postage aswell

  xxismokeyixx 12:20 13 Jan 2014

i few months ago i had a real issue with booting the pc come to think about it, for a few weeks it was really temperamental, i would turn it on it would beep once and thats it the screen wouldn't fire up, and it would just stay like that, i recal having to remove graphics card and using onboard graphics would boot fine putting in the graphics card and retrying it a few times eventually it would boot this went on for a few days to a week or so

  xxismokeyixx 21:58 14 Jan 2014

well your spot on, it turned out to be the psu, it packed up this morning completely, suppose that will teach me buying cheap 29 pound 750 watt alpine crap. i learned my lesson got a corsair 600 watt gaming series psu now bronze edition. 70 squid pc seems to be alot more stable heh

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