Rebooting Problem

  Dalam 14:46 11 Feb 2006

Hi all

My system keeps blue-screening and I was wondering if you could help me solve it;

I have installed
Asus A8V Deluxe (the agp version)
AMD 3500 64 bit
2x512 gig of 400 ram 1 in installed in A1 and 2nd installed in B1 if I put them together in eg A1 and A2 my system just keeps rebooting
ATI HIS Excalibur IceQ 9800 pro
Maxtor 120gig HDD
Pioneer 108 Rom
Xp pro sp2
all upto date and brand new video driver
using onboard sound
USB ADSL modem

System temp when on desktop CPU 29C MB 15
when running a game CPU 35-38 MB 15-20

I built the system about 2 weeks ago and I'm not sure where to start to solve the problem.
It started off only happening once a day but its gradually getting worse.
Its happend 6 times in about 5 hours now and usually happens when im playing a game (currently World of Warcraft).
My 1st thought was heat problem but my CPU temp looks great to me tho this is my 1st 64 bit and i dont know that much about them.
I dont get any writing when I blue screen just a plane blue screen and sometimes the blue screen would be distored somewhat.
A few times when my system blue screened and I reboot it I got a error saying "overclocking failed please check your setting" or something like that.

TIA for any surgestions

  Skyver 14:52 11 Feb 2006

Do a memory test; click here
Leave an intro running in a window to keep an eye on the rest of your system while it's got some work to do; this is old but useful - select `Windowed` and `Loop` ; click here

Run `Heaven7W.exe`
It's possible it may not work on a 64 bit system, but worth a try

  Dalam 15:28 11 Feb 2006

Thanks for the reply
im not sure how you install that mem test but i have ran memtest for 4 hours and did not come up with any errors
I just ripped out my mem and installed another 2 sticks from my 2nd computer both the same 512 400 will run them for a while see if they are any better

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