Reboot and select proper Boot device

  Bronti97 01:19 11 Jun 2018

Ok, this is where i put what i understand is happening into words... and as far as im aware... i have tried everything

about 5 months ago, i built myself a PC with aid from my friend that knows a fair bit about them. and about a month ago, i booted up my computer and i was greeted with the wonderful words of...

"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

if i pressed a key... it would repeat this underneath the first sentence, so i did what all normal people do and googled it... and it came up with some pretty good responses which are as follows...

  • check and clean ram with a soft cloth
  • ensure all wires are plugged in
  • try plugging your sata cable into different ports
  • install new drivers (which i cant do because the computer i would use to install them currently won't boot up)
  • select boot order and make your HDD first (more on this later)
  • finally, get a new hard drive

so, i cleaned my ram (with something my friend recommended to me... i didnt wanna ruin the ram). ensured that all wires were plugged in correctly, plugged my sata cable into all 5 other ports, couldnt update my drivers so that left me with selecting the boot order...

this section was by far the most confusing because i have a gigabyte 970A-DS3P Motherboard which when i opened the bios... i found out that there was no way to select boot order (p.s. if anyone knows how to do this then you may be my saviour)

Which left me with one last thing... and i got a new hard drive

I came home from work today with the news that my hard drive has been delivered and i was self assured that what i was going to do, was go home... install the hard drive, download windows and reinstall everything that i regularly used. so i installed my hard drive, turned on my computer and the error still persists

as far as i am concerned... i have tried everything to get it to work... and it still doesn't wanna work,

does anyone know how to help me out in this situation because im really stumped and all i want is a working computer :'c

  Bronti97 01:21 11 Jun 2018

also... if anyone would like Any details on anything... i have them all on my order history :D so i cant give out as many details about anything you require to help me get through this mess :D

  alanrwood 09:13 11 Jun 2018

There has to be a way to change the boot order on all motherboards. Check again in the motherboard manual in the BIOS section.

  Taff™ 09:51 11 Jun 2018

When booting the computer tap F12 key - Boot Options?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 11 Jun 2018

click here manual for your motherboard -boot order page 22

  Bronti97 12:39 11 Jun 2018

I got as far as boot option priorities, boot option 1 and boot option 2... But changing this does absolutely nothing :'(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 11 Jun 2018

go to save and exit - load optimised default select yes - save and exit yes

see what happens now.

  Bronti97 22:51 11 Jun 2018

i that is somthing i have tried and it was unsuccessful already :'c

  Bronti97 15:21 12 Jun 2018

Ok, i have been able to fix the issue here, and even though its incredibly simple and what many people think would be obvious... i shall post it here for the people like me who dont really know much about computers :) When i got a new hard drive and plugged it in... i was confused that it would boot up... but thats because i didnt have windows on the hard drive... it had nothing to boot up... that was the fix. all i had to do was install windows and give the computer somthing to boot up. i think the main issue was my other hard drive was corrupted so i got a new one and it works :) hope this helps and not too many people facepalm from this reply XD

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