reboot during or after cd burning

  Tecno Dan 12:18 03 Jun 2003


Im running winxp Pro and my problem is that while im burning a cd my computer reboots either during the buring process or at the end.

It also seams to randomly freeze once it gets into windows, but after a reboot it boots fine.

This problem has happened before and I have a new cd burner, a dvd drive, and of course a hdd. I have also just reformatted windows and it still happends.

Im beginning to think it could be the motherboard.

Does anyone have any advise?



  flecc 13:12 03 Jun 2003

Memory problems can cause random rebooting Dan, and CD burning keeps the memory busy.

If you have more than one RAM card, try running with just one at a time to see if one of the cards is responsible for the problem. If you only have one card, there are some memory checking utilities available, but I've never used them so hopefully someone else can recommend one.

  Tecno Dan 13:24 03 Jun 2003

hi flecc,

I will certainly try removing a memory module and see how it works. Although I tryed a memory checking program called gold something. where it booted of a floppy disk and then error check the memory with no faults being found.

ill have a go and report back later on in the day.


  Tecno Dan 14:36 03 Jun 2003

The last time I tried to burn a cd it came up with an error memory message, the computer then restarted and when the computer loads back up various windows files had become currupt.

whats going on? :S does this sound like a memory chip issue or something else.

right ill go remove a module now

any advise most welcome


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