Les 14:05 09 Sep 2003

I wonder if anypne has come across the following problem before and found the cure!

I have an intermittent reboot of the computer followed by, when partly booted a complete shutdown. Switching on again sometimes leves you with an apparently dead keyboard - sometimes, after a period of 'rest' the system behaves itself for the rest of the day, including periods of non activity.

The computer case is quite cool (all round) - I mean you can hardly feel any warmth at all! I had thought it was overheating but surely that would have resulting in the case being hot too?


  MichelleC 16:48 09 Sep 2003

Sounds like could be a loose cable or ribbon.

  Les 18:18 22 Sep 2003

The problem resolved itself shortly after posting when it went off and stayed off. The local mechanic diagnosed a memory fault - after a fortnight off 'air' I've finally got the computer back - still not working! According to techie they had obtained and fitted PC133 memory and this wouldn't get past the post stage - when they thought of looking at the old memory module they found that it was PC100 and, they say, this is ubobtainable. I'd had a 64mb module given me some time ago - I fitted this and off we went. However, I want 512 mb of memory - I sahll make enquiries to see if they are right - meanwhile perhaps someone already knows?


  Rayuk 19:03 22 Sep 2003

click here

In the past I have had pc133 sdram running in a PC100 motherboard,perhaps their ram was cheapo stuff.

  Les 21:51 22 Sep 2003

I thought that he was talking a load of old cobblers. I've checked with Evesham too, they have them.

I'd say your obserbation regarding Cheapo is most likely correct - they (the 'technicians') hadn't even heard of either Kingston or Crucial and, although supposed 'technicians' they didn't think to look at the dead stick of memory until it was too late.

Needless to say, that place of business will NOT be recommended!! Incidentally, when I asked whether these memory modules had to be handled very carefully they said that modern technology had made this unnecessary would be dangerous if the bare contacts at the bottom of the module were touched -although I did see him holding a processor by the pins.

Thanks Rayuk - one parting comment - wouldn't you know that prices would rise when I was forced to renew!

  Les 21:53 22 Sep 2003

obserbation? observation! The old man's slipping!!


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