drumlin 20:08 01 Aug 2003

This may be a numpty question but how do I reboot my system ? It has been causing all sorts of problems from failing to install new software to slow moving mouse to failing to shut down properly etc.etc. etc.

I have tried lots of ways of solving these problems individually but now,having backed up everything, I wish to reboot. I have tried to find out how to do this, without success ....Help !

  polar_king 20:12 01 Aug 2003

reboot? as in re-install windows from scratch, or just restart the comp

  wee eddie 20:16 01 Aug 2003

Means turn off, then turn on again.

What I think you may be after is 'Restore' which will return your computer to it's out of shop condition.

However, before you do this you must safeguard your 'stuff' or it will be deleted. You will need to reload all software that you have installed and re upgrade what ever version of Windows you have.

  polar_king 20:29 01 Aug 2003

LC Technology International, Inc.
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recovery systems for ntfs & fat 32

  polar_king 20:31 01 Aug 2003

oops, posted to wrong thread, sorry

  ade.h 20:31 01 Aug 2003

Probably obvious, but have you run scandisk and defragmenter lately? Scandisk should pick up any corrupt/missing files that can sometimes wreak all sorts of havoc. If you have win ME or XP try system restore.

  drumlin 21:45 01 Aug 2003

After reading comments - what I probably need is how to do a system restore - I have already tried many other actions - eg. defrag/scandisc etc.

I think that the problem may be due to the installation of parts of Office 2000 over-writing something and causing all manner of grief !

  wee eddie 19:49 02 Aug 2003

The first bits really boring and the whole process takes time. The last time I did it, i guess it was 24 hours before I had the system back to scratch. The longest time was on the web getting W98se updated.

Get an A4 pad and start noting down this and that!

Dig out the stuff the PC came with. Manuals, Disks (restoration or otherwise), Diagrams, everything. You probably won't need all but you will find what you have lent to your next door neighbour and really need.

Get your back-up system organised. You need to make a copy of all the data that you wish to keep. This may include, Internet settings, Passwords, Favourites, Old e-mails, Templates, Your Household Accounts, Mucky Pics, the lot.

At this point it is a good idea to run a search through any relevant threads here and make a few notes about good ideas and pitfalls. It'll scare the hell-out of you but thats a good place to start.

  wee eddie 20:18 02 Aug 2003

good luck

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