Reassurance please!

  JoanSims 12:04 10 Nov 2007

Inno3D 8600GT 256MB 128bit DDR3 DVI PCI-E Graphics Card

Hi.. I ordered one of these last night from Ebuyer and now I notice that at the bottom of the spec' it says "Written for Vista"... Please can anyone categorically reassure me that it will work just as well with Windows XP home?... I see one of the reviewers has used it with 2000 seemingly ok which made me feel a bit less stupid... regards JoanSims

  Totally-braindead 12:21 10 Nov 2007

Yes it works with XP.

  JoanSims 16:24 10 Nov 2007

Good man thanks...

  JoanSims 01:01 11 Nov 2007

This is for my son's pc which is a Compaq Presario sr1619uk... do you think the new card will require a psu upgrade?.. regards

  Totally-braindead 19:42 11 Nov 2007

Heres the board click here haven't found power supply specs yet. Simplist solution is to remove the case sides and look at the power supply there will be a label on it somewhere that mentions the wattage.
If its 400 watts it might work fine you'd have to try it if its less I think it would probably need replaced. The 8600 GT recommends a minimum of 350 watts from what I could find so you might be ok. Trying it is the only way to be certain unless someone who has the same PC chips in with info.

Its not just the wattage, its the stability of the power supply, cheaper power supplies tend to be less stable than the dearer ones and it needs a stable voltage on one of the rails to work ok.

  JoanSims 20:14 13 Nov 2007

Took the side off today and the psu is 300 watt.. Do you think we will get away with it??..

  donki 13:46 14 Nov 2007

I wouldnt risk it as you could end up damaging components, or blowing the PSU you have. It has been mentioned before that the PSU's in the big brand PC's are far to lightweight for the computer. Do you have any extra USB cards in, are all you USBs in use, anything pluged in that doesnt have its own pwer supply will be using the PSU i.e. webcams, MP3 docing stations, diigital camera chargers the list goes on. There is an alarm built into most GFX cards which will go off if there is a power problem, but you relly dont want to take the risk. Just my opinion of course.

  Totally-braindead 14:49 14 Nov 2007

Like donki I think it might be a bit chancy. The power supply would be under a lot of stress and if it did blow it might damage something else.
I would replace it and would replace it with a much more powerful on say 600 watts that way it will also futureproof you to a certain degree if later on you add more bit or upgrade it again.
I know its another £50 but its cheaper than damaging your PC. The 350 watts I mentioned earlier as the recommended is the MINIMUM required and even with 350 watts you might have had problems.
Replace it.

  JoanSims 00:48 15 Nov 2007

Yes words of the wise.. I'm going to get a new psu from Ebuyer... thanks to all who replied ..regards

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