reappearing zip files ????

  Petesilver 22:02 02 Jun 2010

I have two zip files that keep reappearing in my download file I keep deleting them but they just keep coming back I tried to delete them in the zip file manager but that did not work either.
I expect there is a simple way to solve but I have not got a clue.

  lotvic 00:50 03 Jun 2010

What OS? XP, Vista, W7 ?
Is that the Download Folder in 'My Documents'?
What other program?
as much detail as you can please?

  Petesilver 10:30 03 Jun 2010

Hello lotvic

Windows X/P Home
Yes the down load file in "my Docs"

They are 7-zip Files
1 epson
1 this is to do with acroni i think

other than that I don't know why they keep coming back

  lotvic 12:47 03 Jun 2010

When you rightclick on the zip file in Download Folder in 'My Documents' and choose Delete, Do you get any messages popping up or can you put them in the Recycle Bin with no probs?

  Petesilver 12:57 03 Jun 2010

they just delete no problem but just keep coming back

  lotvic 13:06 03 Jun 2010

OK, let's try investigating the files themselves.
epsom zip file, as you have downloaded it, what is it for and have you extracted and are using the files?

  Petesilver 13:17 03 Jun 2010

I don't recollect downloading the epson file I installed that software over 2 years ago the other file was a patch acronis sent me for a problem I was getting.

  Petesilver 13:20 03 Jun 2010

sorry I just opened the epson file it is something I did recently it is a short video showing how to set up a printer with cartridges which I downloaded.......!!!!

  lotvic 15:42 03 Jun 2010

Have a look in your Recycle bin and empty it.

Now try deleting epsom zip file again.

Is it in the recycle bin?

If so, empty the bin.

Close pc down and reboot.

Has it gone?

  Petesilver 13:19 04 Jun 2010

hello lotvic
I done all you suggested but it is still there ???

  Sea Urchin 13:55 04 Jun 2010

Can I suggest you reboot your computer into safe mode (tapping F8 until option screen appears and select safe mode) and then delete the files. Reboot into normal mode and see if they are gone.

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